1. Are you watching this Summer? Did you take time to vote and if so, who do you want in?
  2. I voted! For Kaysar, Janelle, Danielle, Howie, Diane, and Marcellas. I voted quite a few times.
  3. yes...i voted for janelle, howie, kayser, james, and marcellas!
  4. ofcourse! best summer tv! i voted for janelle, howie, kayser, james, marcellas, and lisa. can't wait for it to start!
  5. I actually forgot to vote -- oops! But I do plan to watch and really want Marcellas back. I think he'll make it b/c he seems to be pretty popular. I'd also like Lisa and Danielle to be on.
  6. I did vote for danielle and marcellas ... going back to vote some more
  7. So, who watched this last night?? (I tivo'ed it and watched it this morning hehe) Can't believe Danielle started hardcore gaming so soon, she shoulda known it would come and bite her in the butt lol. I :heart: this show though hehe
  8. Did anyone see the girl in the black & white dress w/ the red belt. Sorry I don't know her name but I love that dress!!
  9. I believe that was Diane. And yeah that was a cute dress!

    I'm so excited that alot of season 6 people are in.. they are my favorite! I was going to boycott Big Brother if Janelle, Howie and Kaysar didn't get in. I didn't really care who else came in with them... except for Nakomis... WTH?:yucky:
  10. I probably wouldn't watch it if Janelle, Howie, & Kaysar weren't there either! There is already so much drama. I wonder who'll get kicked out first..
  11. love the bb6 gang! so happy they're all back. yeah, i agree what's up with nakomis getting voted in? i didn't think she was very popular with fans. i can't stand danielle, hope she goes this week, although it would be more interesting if she stayed
  12. BB7 is out for the summer? wow, i love this show and its crazy drama!!! i have to try to catch the show. i like the BB6 cast except for Yvette.
  13. I didn't care for Yvette either. I was so glad when "America" didn't vote her in the house =)
  14. ditto! OMG she bothered me so much last year! And she was stupid for keeping Maggie, she prolly would have had a better chance w/ Janelle if she had kicked out Maggie. (so glad tho that maggie and "cappy" didnt get the chance to go back in!)

    Im glad my BB6 guys are in there, I adore Janelle, Kaysar & Howie, and even James for being the con artist he is. Still can't believe tho that him and Will seem to not be teaming up, they'd run that house! :devil:
  15. ok i just watched BB7, i can't STAND danielle, she thinks that everyone is going to do what she says? i never like allison anyways. glad to see both up for eviction, i wanted will to be up too. i just hope that the BB6 cast will stick together. it seems like will has it out for kaysar. i like kaysar, hope that he gets to stay longer in the show unlike last season! can't wait for the next episode!