Big Brother Season 8

  1. Starting July 5th
  2. I LOVE Big Brother too! Go Janelle!!! Whoo-hoo. I was so happy to see that she won the viewer's choice award last season. My husband and I are addicted to this show.

    I can't wait to see who is on this season. :tup:
  3. YESSS!!! :yahoo:

    I LOVE Big Brother... I can't wait!!
    Do you think they'll find a way to randomly throw Janelle in this season?? CBS knows America loves her...
  4. totally addicted to big brother too! have been since season 1! i'm soooo excited for it july 5th! :yahoo:
  5. BB comes so fast!!!
  6. oooooh!!!!!!!!!!
    I cant wait...heehee!LOVES this show!
  7. BB has already started in the UK, I've been on holiday and missed the first week, but I started watching when I got back and I'm addicted!! Love BB!!!
  8. Lol, i thought you meant the UK one, ours has started already! Someone has already been kicked out for being racist!
    Looks like this season will be eventful! But theres already a couple thing going on, which i hate watching!

  9. haha I was thinking the same thing!
  10. Another big brother fan here. And it comes on 3 times a week!!! How great is that!?!!
  11. thank god.. finally somethign to watch. Besides Hells Kitchen, I've got nothing going for me this summer
  12. i liked kaysar anyway i love the show when do we find out who is on the show
  13. Big Brother addict here. I don't know what it is about this show that gets it's viewers so addicted. Well I'm betting the live feeds have something to do with it, since no other show I know does that.

    I only started watching in season 5, and so far season 6 is my favorite (Well except that the Nerd Herd won) My favorite is Janelle, but I also love Will K., Kaysar, and Howie. I hope they bring in some of my favs to host some of the comps. That would be great. I'll be away from home when it starts, hopfully I can watch it where I'm at and if not I'll have to make sure the episodes get recorded.
  14. I love this stupid show also