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  1. WOW I didnt know Tonya from BB3 was arrested and still in jail. She had a ton of kids too didnt she :nuts: Her mugshot looks so different.

    'Big Brother': Tonya Paoni busted for drunk driving homicides


    Surprise, surprise. Another "Big Brother" contestant is in trouble with the law.

    Tonya Paoni, who was a housemate in the show's third season, is accused of something more serious than disorderly conduct or assault though.

    Paoni, who now goes by the name Tonya Casper, was arrested for reckless homicide in May for an incident that left two people dead in Springfield, Illinois last summer, reports TMZ.

    The 43-year-old was allegedly driving under the influence when she hit an SUV on Interstate 72. One of the passengers in the hit car died and so did another man who was caught in the multi-car crash.

    Paoni is currently held on $1 million bond at Sangamon County Jail.

    She's scheduled to return to court on July 19.

    Paoni is a retail sales specialist who was evicted on Day 20 from "Big Brother 3." She's remembered for wearing "peanut butter bikinis" along with fellow housemates Chiara Jude Berti and Lisa Donahue.
  2. ^She looks like she's aged 20-30 years.
  3. i don't even remember her lol
  4. ^^me either lol
  5. GI Janey! I loved the alliance/friendship between her, Kaysar, Howie, and James (even if James did a stupid thing by siding with Maggie). Come to think of it, I didn't see Kaysar in those wedding pictures. Maybe he was busy at the time.
  6. ^ That's was one of the first things I thought, "where's kaysar". I wonder if they are still friends.
  7. When does BB start?
  8. july 8
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    HOUSE INFO...but skeptical its real info...we'll see

    * As expected, the BB12 house is decorated with mostly a beach/summer camp theme. One of the walls has been taken down and there are now only two bedrooms (not counting HOH).

    * The small bedroom looks like a beach with various size sandcastles (fake) and beach balls. There's a really pretty ocean mural painted on the wall with reeds running along it which makes it look very realistic. Two of the beds are beach lounge chairs and two of the beds are simply beach towels. In this room, there are no mattresses.

    * The big bedroom looks like a summer camp cabin. There are bunk beds along the wall and a big sleeping bag on the floor which fits more than one person. A giant (fake) moose head hangs from the wall. The dressers are adorned with lanterns and other cabin-esque accents.

    * In the living room, there's a big screen behind the couches and nomination chairs that plays a continuous loop of crashing waves. Fake palm trees stand on each side of it. The carpet is shag and sandy colored. The wall opposite the nomination chairs is decorated with an ocean sunset mural which is gorgeous. The whole room looks like a tropical paradise.

    * There's a large fish tank between the living room and the kitchen with really exotic looking fish inside. It's the first thing you see when you walk into the house.

    * The kitchen looks like a cabin. There's a big round picnic table in the corner. Glossy wood paneling covers the walls which lends to the summer camp cabin theme. The floors are hardwood. The memory wall is made of glossy wood paneling as well and it's designed to look like big (plastic) ladybugs are crawling all over it. Really cute.

    * The bathroom is really pretty. The walls are shiny and metallic and decorated with different shades of blue and the floor looks like sand (fake though). The seashell sinks are designed to look like they're floating in mid air. Big blue lava lamps hang on the wall on each side of the mirror. The bathroom gives off an "under the sea" vibe.

    * The diary room looks the same as last year except the background is lit red instead of blue.

    * The hallway to the HOH room is also beach themed, but instead of the usual couch/chess set on the upstairs landing, there's now a mini gazebo.

    * The HOH room is bizarre. It's sort of a creepy carnival theme which doesn't fit with the rest of the house at all. In one corner, there's a fortune telling arcade machine. In another corner, there's a tank with a giant (and I mean GIANT) tarantula inside. Along the walls are funhouse mirrors which make you look taller/shorter/fatter/skinnier as you walk past them.

    * The backyard has a volleyball net but there are no volleyballs. Just beach balls. The pool table is gone and a foosball table has taken is place.

    * The "green" room (formerly the spa/workout room) is perhaps the most bizarre room we've ever seen in all twelve seasons of Big Brother. It's decorated to look like a funeral parlor. In the middle of the room is a big white casket with an open lid. Behind the casket is a large frame that says "rest in peace" with a space for someone's picture in the middle. The casket is surrounded by funeral bouquets. With the exception of a small table in the corner and a candy dish, there is nothing else in this room. The walls are plain white with minimal decor.
  10. ok if that's true about the HOH and green room... OMG, that is creepy.
    there is no way i would want to be HOH and stay in that room!
  11. Alex from a few seasons back had posted it was a beach theme on his FB awhile ago.
  12. I'm already sick of that beach stuff. All the rooms, the kitchen, the halls, the backyard - overkill.
  13. can you imagine if they actually put sand in there somewhere?? even outside... omigod that house would be NASTY with sand getting spread everywhere.
  14. ^ That's the problem with a fake beach too - it looks so silly and artificial.

    I do like the idea of a funeral parlor room!