Big Brother Returns in July

  1. Apparently, they listened to viewers and they produced a Big Brother Superstar edition and they are bringing back some of the most favorite people from the past seasons. If true...will you be watching?
  2. oh yes..My daughter and I cant wait to watch!LOL! We love that smutty show!HEE!HEE!HEE!
  3. I hope Howie and Janelle will be back. Aren't we supposed to vote sometime in mid-June on who we want to see back?
  4. OOH! I would love to see Howie again..LOL
  5. Oh yeah -- I'm excited for that. I watched BB3 obsessively, and some of 4, then sort of lost interest after that. But since it's going to be "all stars" this season should be cool! I love checking in on them on the web.

    I liked Amy and Marcelus (sp?) on the third one. They would be fun to bring back.
  6. i can't wait!!! all the good shows are over until fall and bb is the only thing that gets me through the summer! love that its an all-star addition too, so fun! :yes:
  7. I think I read there will be 20, but there is some kind of voting system. You are right susanlau. I just don't know the specifics and they are not letting them out.
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