Big Brother Live Feed Thread..**spoiler!!**

  1. Ok KIDS,LOL, Post the live feed info noone gets mad that we spoil it for them!!!
  2. Anyone know whats up with the scary images in the mirror?
  3. The HOH competition was re-done because of the "technical difficulties" they had with Howie. AND the winner is: Janelle!!
  4. i know!!!! gosh if only kaysar is there to share the joy, i am gonna miss him. erika is super upset, crying over it, and being a sour grape. everyone better watch out! i like it when janelle won the HOH, she screamed out "this one is for you kaysar!" or something like that.:yahoo:
  5. What!!!???omg! Get Out?serious???
  6. yup! surprise! coz the houseguests were complaining that their buttons weren't working earlier on so they had redo the HOH with julie doing it over the phone or something. sometimes i feel that chilltown is more of the floater since they have not won any HOH, they are always swaying between the Sov 4 and the so call floaters.
  7. Did anyone see Boogie propose to Ericka?? So weird! I know it may be fake but I really think somethings going on there..
  8. last night was great fun! I love jani!! I hope will doesn't use his "charm" and try to convince jan to not put up dani. I absolutely dislike her!! Anyway...what about kay? Felt so bad for him when he found out that james was not with BB6 alliance. He seemed really shocked.
  9. Erika was livid about the HOH competition. She won and lost in the same day.
  10. Although I'm happy that Janelle won, but it sucks for Erika.
  11. I know what you mean. I would be as pissed as she was if I were her. She hates big brother right now!

    Oh and what was up with chicken George? Was he really spying?
  12. i can't believe that janey and howie think that james is still with them in the alliance.
  13. This news just made my day! Too bad Kaysar had to go last night.. :sad:
  14. Did Danielle win the coup d'etat?
  15. I'm not sure but she seems to be the only one who got all the clues & made something of it..

    It would suck if she won..