Big Brother...i Want Big Brother!!!

  1. Holy Hannah above...I miss that show...Anyone heard if another season is in the works??

    Any fans here??? I could never get enough of the live feeds...
  2. I used to watch. So funny to see them stabbing each other in the back!
  3. I'm a fan!!! Big Brother is my most favorite show in the world.
  4. i LOVE big brother!!!! the new season starts this june or july, i can't wait!
  5. I loved that show... Hopefully we will be treated to a new season soon.
  6. I love this show, it's so addictive! I couldn't order the live feeds but I always check the live feed update websites.

    Who's everyone's favorite houseguest?

    I have two, Dr. Will, and Janie. I miss BB AllStars. I've been hearing rumors about Dr. Will and Janie pairing up(Just as friends of course) and going on Amazing Race together. I'm not sure when it would be though, they aren't allowed to talk about it much though, atleast that's what Will said in one of his chats.
  7. i like Will and Boogie...Chill Town was awesome!

    but my favorite of all time was Jack, the former FBI agent.
  8. I am a huge BB fan. I get serious about it. No one made me more mad this past season though except for Erika. Man, Boogie played her BIG TIME!
  9. It will be back this summer, but only with Alison as executive producer. Arnold is stepping down, and I think he was pushed out. All-Stars had so many problems, as well as house guests who made huge demands (mostly Will and Bogger) that it was a bit laughable.

    I'm hoping they come up with some new ideas for the show....
  10. ^^^^^^^^

    You are NOT SERIOUS are you???? I hope your joking
  11. i love BB but in the UK after all of the problems with celeb BB i think this yoer will be the last. my hairdresser is down to the final auditions. Kam Ma, he holds the world record for the most body piercings in one day, he averaged one a minute
  12. They had Big Brother auditions in NY this past weekend. I've tried, but I can't really get into our American Big Brother. I wanna see the U.K. Big Brother! I'm entertained just READIN' about theirs in the Brit magazines.
  13. ^ UK big brother is all scandal. its great.
    fav moments have to be sex under the table that was denied but they were on camera! and in celeb BB and leo sayers walk out over not wanting to wash his own underwear. classic
    u can watch the next series online when it starts.
  14. I'm a big bother fan. ((sigh)) I miss it too !