Big Brother Canada, season 4

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  1. Does anybody watch? Let's talk!
  2. I'm watching!!
  3. Who do you like in the house now?

    I was surprised Kelsey came back with the unanimous vote... What have been said to persuade Joel to vote her in? I wonder if Loveita would more interesting for the game, though we'll see))
  4. I think the Kelsey supporters (Raul, Jared, Cassandra) were not going to be persuaded under any circumstances to switch their vote, so everyone else just accepted kelsey as the inevitable outcome and let it happen. I really wish loveita didn't expose everything to Kelsey because it really puts Joel and Mitch in a bad situation and I don't think it's fair. Mitch has done so well to strategically place himself along the midline and have everyone confiding him. It's unfortunate that all his clever strategy is ruined by a ridiculously unnecessary twist.
  5. Agreed. Though I did not notice that Cassandra and Kelsey are in the same boat, but it actually make sense now.

    He did a great job, truly great. But at least he is given a chance to fight and get the POV, also it will be interesting to see more of his work:smile:
  6. I think Loveita would have been more interesting but she is more of a threat.. personally I would have preferred for Loveita to come back!

    Right now I'm really liking Nikki and Tim. I just like how they bring something more interesting to the house.... the Canadian and US BB's always seem a little bland to me.

    I agree with this too. I think everyone else just had no choice because they weren't going to back down.

  7. Is anyone else finding this season to be incredibly boring?! They need to cast better next year.
  8. I totally agree!!! The one person that I love is Tim, he seems so much fun!! Brothers are so young and they can;t do a poker face when needed. Last episode with all that talk in the dining room, the confrontation and their reaction ... It is a game...

    Anyway, the show is np longer that exciting ...
  9. I thought last nights episode was good, finally. I really like Tim and I hope he wins the whole game, or Cass because she's really been playing it. The brothers are ridiculous with their emotions, that conversation around the table made me actually laugh out loud.
  10. I have mixed feeling about Cass, I like her as a player, but not as a person (at least as a person as she is on the show, she might be completely different in real life). Her humour, rolling eyes and her attitude to others ... Just nope.

    I have a friend who is exactly like Cass, they even look alike!!!That gives me creeps)) Lol

    As for Tim - he is great, probably the best player of the game, but I wish Joel would win. There is something comforting about him, I don't know)))

    By the way, with Ramsey gone, it will be even number of jury members, I guess there is a twist at the end... Mitch suggested that Canada might be last juror, what do you think?