Big Brother Canada - Season 2

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  1. So I saw a commercial the other day; looks like this is starting up again early March.

    Slice does not have info on the house-guests on their site yet though I imagine soon will.
  2. Excited to see the new cast!
  3. Excited to watch!
  4. OMG I'm so excited! Loved the first season.
  5. It's only been on for 15 minutes and already these people are grating on my nerves.
  6. So many young ones… was it just me or did anyone else like the maturity of a few from last year?

    Anyway, I already hate the guy who won HoH and I'm dreading - dreading! Canada supposedly voting in the new, louder, more abrasive Gary, because we know that's who the producers will want on the show. Yuck. I don't mind a guy dressing up, but this one is too over the top and annoying and ugly in his female attire. I haven't even met him yet. Maybe Ii'll change my mind.
  7. I don't like any of the 3 "possible" house guests. I hope its not the drag queen though.
  8. So many annoying people! Is that the kinda of big personality the show is looking for? Hope the drag queen doesn't join the HGs. I'm liking Kenny so far. Neda looks like Lilly Ghalichi before the surgeries. She kinda talks like her too.
  9. ^ Is Kenny the gay guy who said he will use women if he has to? That really annoys me.
  10. Yes, Kenny is the male model with the beard. He oozes confidence. I can't believe they all stepped down so easily from that Icebreaker challenge. I knew Annick wouldn't last long.
  11. ^

    I can't believe they gave the first HOH to Paul so easily! The voting results was shocking too! Why the house is voting together?