BIG BROTHER 9 Starting Feb 12

  1. starts fiming or airing? love this show, can't wait til the new one comes on!!!!
  2. I can't beleive we get a new one so soon :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Must be due to the writers strike.

    This is exciting!
  3. I CANNOT WAIT!!!! This is my ultimate favorite "reality" show.

    I am not "camera" CBS will not be getting any tapes from me..hahahaha
  4. When is the deadline to apply?
  5. Can't wait!! If I was an adult, i would love to apply for this show. Isn't it supposed to air in the summer?
  6. Can't wait.

  7. Airing!! :yahoo: When I was watching the Survivor Finale (which I fast forwarded thru all 3 hours of it) they had a promo saying BB9 will air in Feb. I heard that they would bring in more reality shows since the strike is ongoing.

    And there is no deadline for applications, they had live castings already throughout the US, but you can still send a tape in I am sure. When you go on CBS it says they can stop taken applications at any time.

    Oh also a new Survivor is coming in Feb too. Its where they pit Diehard Survivor fans against past favorites. They said that one from the China season will be in it (I am sure its gonna be James)

    Cant wait for BB!!!! I miss staying up til 4am watching the feeds LOL
  8. Hurry Hubba! Apply!! Talk about good television! :lol:
  9. Can't wait for it!! Hubby and I watched every episode from last season. Here we go again lol...
  10. :supacool: I will see what I can do. :p
  11. I am getting excited! I have RealPlayer and it's on the front! This is ABSOLUTELY my favorite Reality show. I was kinda hoping they were going to do a BB celebrity version but haven't heard anything about that!
  12. I am so excited!!!! BB is my fave reality show so I am thrilled we are getting it early this year. :yahoo:
  13. Whoa!!! SO early! I'm used to Big Brother being my summer addiction... now I have to balance it with school work... oh well, bring it on!
  14. Ahh! So exciting!