Big Brother 9 Premieres Feb. 12th!

  1. Big Brother is back and I must say I'm pretty excited. Usually we have to wait till July for a new season, but now we'll have our first ever winter edition.

    CBS announced the 16 house guests on their official website on Wednesday. So you can go there to check them out. Or has info and videos of the new HGs.

    Who else is ready for Big Brother 9 to start?!
  2. i can't wait for big brother...except it takes up too much of my time...most of the other reality shows are only one episode per week, but big brother is 3 episodes per week, it's a big commitment...but i'm addicted.
  3. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: ^^and I'm addicted too!!! Ya, the other reality shows are 1x a wk...but my fave of all is Big Bro!!!!!!!

    So....I naturally I got to feed the addiction! LOL!!:upsidedown:
  4. I'll admit to being addicted too lol, it's hard not with a show that's on 3 times a week that also has live feeds on the internet. I like to read the feeds updates and know what's going on, on the show we don't get to see everything.

    One of the house guests is a paparazzi for TMZ..I think his names Parker. I wonder if he'll lie about his job, because if I were in the house I don't think I would ever be able to trust someone who has such a shady job.
  5. It's airing in the UK too! I'm so excited to see how different Big Brother US is from the UK version! I'm such a Big Brother addict.