Big Brother 18

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  1. Anyone watching?
    Vanessa sister is part of the cast along with Cody's brother.
    Apparently 4 players are returning, will find out tonight, I believe.
  2. I am tempted to watch this season, but just reading some of the bios of the girls annoyed me!!
  3. I wasn't going to watch this season, but then I found myself signing up for CBS All Access and setting up the app on my Roku about an hour before the first part of the premiere aired.

    I know who I want out ASAP, but I almost never get that wish. (And one of those two people is already safe.) Hah!
  4. Who do you want out? Mama Da?
    I want Tiffany to go first.
    I got the feeds as well
  5. I hate everyone, as usual. So many early 20 somethings!
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  6. Michelle and Nicole are the two I'd like to see go as quickly as possible. (I think it's Michelle. It's the other annoying one from Michigan. The just graduated nutritionist.) I just don't think I can take a whole summer of their nasally whiny voices. Also, I wasn't a Nicole fan during her season. She grated on my nerves.

    I actually love DaVonne. I hope she manages to keep her mouth shut and lie low for long enough to get through the early part of the game so she can take down those douchecanoes on her team.
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  7. Even though I think they could have done better on the ages, this is the most diverse cast I've ever seen on Big Brother in terms of race and ethnicity.

    I think we're seeing so many 20-somethings because the producers love a showmance. That's unfortunate for me, because I hate showmances. Haha.

  8. In all honesty all the girls voices are horrible, I fear how it will sound on the live feeds
  9. Bronte is the worst.

    I just don't like Nicole's personality. And Michelle reminds me of her. Maybe Michelle will turn me around, but Nicole with the constant, "I'm so scared..." last night between the competition rounds shows me she hasn't changed at all.
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    Last edited: Jun 24, 2016
    The live feeds have been on for about half an hour now. There are already punishment costumes (which are the funniest I've seen on this show in a while), "secret" meetings being scheduled (one for 2am tonight led by Jozea that apparently involves everyone except Michelle, James, Corey, and Nicole), and houseguests shaking their heads over stupid things that have come out of Jozea's mouth.

    I don't want to jinx it, but so far, it's looking like a good season. *keeping fingers crossed*
  11. Jozea needs to go!

    I'm already over the whole "let's get the vets out" thing, it seems childish and petty. Use them to your advantage! So far I don't have any favourites, but I don't think I can listen to Bronte's voice much longer.

    Sad to see that the only older houseguest has already gone. I would love to see more diversity in ages!
  12. We may finally have girls alliances in the house. This feels a little like an early Christmas present for those tired of watching dudes rule the house -- like me.
  13. I think it should've been a more even match up of vets and newbies. Not equal since the vets have an advantage from having played before but 4 to 12 is so one-sided. I knew as soon as they were revealed there would be an overwhelming agreement from the newbies to get them out.
  14. Couple of thoughts..

    Josea and Paul are annoying.

    I don't understand Paulie as a pawn, they don't have numbers to save him and they had so many other choices.

    A speech therapist could have really helped Bronte.

    Playing as teams with 1 vet on each is interesting.
  15. I wanted to like Jozea and Paul but wow I can't stand them & hope one of them goes next week.
    Paul is also on the block due to some special power I believe Nicole won.
    The POV is being playing right now