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  1. I'm so excited! I have to miss it tonight but I am taping it to watch later when I get home!

    The guy with the curly hair is apparently the son of former WWF wrestler "Sid Vicious"
  2. bellleeeeee!! it is too britney from rachel's first season!!! :p
    remember britney and ragan going all nasty at rachel when she came back into the house for that overnight after she was evicted??
  3. i can't seem to find my screen cap folder on this computer.....hmmmmmm
  4. LOL I love Britney

  5. [​IMG]
  6. Thank you!
  7. seriously i'm almost excited to have her back as if JeJo were walking through that door again. almost. man i loved her DR's. the only reason to watch the actual episodes that season.
  8. LOL!! I remember this.
  9. those britney gifs just made me giggle uncontrollably
  10. I wonder if he will be as nasty and entertaining as his brother Russel???!

  11. I thought she was talking about Rachel from Howie's season. Welp yes of course I remember all that, I got all confused lol
  12. Be interesting to see if she's changed now that she is married
  13. mannnnn boogie looks OLD
  14. Janelle looks like a GIANT next to Britney HA HA
    I love this show HA
  15. So much for the rumor that Janelle won HOH!