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  1. Jenn Arroyo use to be in Kittie and JoJo is a rock girl model, I expect these two will join forces.
  2. Kara apparently was a playboy bunny.

    I googled Shane too, and I guess he has hottie potential :p
  3. Kara was a Disney princess as well LOL
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    It's been confirmed for awhile now that ED won't be in the house. It's Janelle, Dan, Boogie and the last one is still up in the air, with many people thinking it's Rachel, apparently it's been confirmed the 4th 'mentor' is Britney
  5. did anyone watch rumor control today?? rachel was suppose to be on it.

    i think it's been said that a mentor won't be anyone from last season.
  6. the way it sounds even janelle is kinda iffy at this point although someone was posting fake tweets for her.
  7. During Booger's All Star season, he was always in a hat or a bandana... to cover his not yet finished hair plugs. I bet he never wears a head piece this year!

    Boy, do I hate Booger.
  8. It used to be on Rogers reality channel here... but this year they are advertising it being on Slice, which is not as high up a cable channel. Weird that such raunchiness will be on a family type channel.
  9. Funny, I don't really care. Male eye candy means brainless, male model, wanna be actors, who spend all their free time working out and admiring themselves. Usually as dumb as rocks with no personality too.

    Overly muscled Jesse turned out to have a personality, but it took 3 years to find that out!
  10. ^ITA with you Jayne1. Cannot wait for it to start!:woohoo:
  11. There was a photo posted of some of them entering the house
  12. This is probably old news to you BB regulars, but just in case . . .

  13. [​IMG]
  14. word on the street is that it's Britney and not Rachel
    i would looooooove to see britney again. she made for some good tv.