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  1. He was like this in his first season, too!! Like "we can hear you just fine, Dan, calm doooooown"
  2. The one that I think yells in the diary room is Joe. But he yells everywhere, so annoying! I hated the HOH comp where Boogie was telling them who to pick next, wtf was that? Why were they listening to him?! People, play your own game!!
  3. I think Ashley's days are numbered -- or should be numbered.

    She has a back problem and getting cortisone shots and saying she's not even telling the doctors everything that's wrong. She's afraid BB will boot her. She should go home, she won't be able to do physical comps anyway.

    Next, Jenn, please take your overly decorated exterior, but boring as anything interior, home as well.
  4. she wasn't even able to walk this morning. she said her leg was numb.
    make me curious as to how she did the have-not comp.

    have nots are Britney, Shane, Joe, Danielle

    joe and wil nominated.
  5. Anyone else suspect that Ashley is exaggerating her back pain? She winces a lot more when someone is close by, but not so much when she's alone.

    Just a theory.
  6. i'm not sure.. she was in the bathroom this morning after taking a shower and she looked like she could hardly walk and no one was in there with her. and she looks like she's trying to cover up how much it hurts.

    she's playing veto today so that should be interesting.
  7. zingbot visited the house tonight for the veto comp. they showed him entering the house on the feeds. then we got shut out.
  8. frank won POV

    danielle got zinged pretty bad about stalking shane
  9. Joe figured out a way to use any ingredient found in a jar of Salsa as a recipe for the have-nots. Such as tomato and onion, etc.

    So he put avocado in the slop and Brit picked out the avocado and ate it, which technically the have-nots cannot eat. If that makes sense.

    I still like Joe, even if he is loud.
  10. joe actually decided that since salsa was on the have-not list that he can make ANY salsa and they can eat it. so because his salsa included avacado that was just fine. he's planning a fruit salsa tomorrow lol

    AND frank thinks the have-nots can sleep in the HOH room. apparently in the HOH manual it says that he is free to invite anyone he wants to use his amenities except the food for the have-nots. so he thinks he can let the have-nots sleep in his bed. danielle plans to test that theory tonight. frank said he would let them take turns.

    these people are quite the thinkers this year lol
  11. ^ Yes, I only half watch and half listen.

    I think this is the most boring group ever... but I'm starting to worry for Dani, who is very upset about being called a stalker by the Zingbot. We know she's crazy and self absorbed, but I hate when her feelings are hurt. And they are.

    Bogger has her figured out though and said she's just a silly sorority girl trying to be a gamer and just following Dan.
  12. they are suuuppper boring. especially now with janelle gone.

    there's all sorts of "friends" of danielle's coming out of the woodwork saying how crazy she is. apparently some guy named Trey is saying that danielle stalks him and saying she's crazy. but then someone else figure out that it might not be the trey she talks about on the feeds (she was missing him real bad yesterday and was soooo over shane for a moment). so who knows. lots of crazy stuff about danielle floating around out there.
  13. Good article about the problems with BB this year... how they are editing Dani to look sweet (when she's not) and Brit to look better than she is.

  14. ^What a mess! I'm going to be so mad if they back door Dan this week!
  15. Dan can go, this season is PAINFUL! My girl Jenn is freaking PAINFUL, it's all just PAINFUL let's fast forward to the end lol. I bought the feeds and only turned it on once lol