"Big" Birthday this year - ideas please!

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Its a big birthday for me this summer lol and a big wedding anniversary too on the same day.

    I have booked a country house for 4 days and would really really welcome some ideas on "different" things I can arrange while we are there.

    I have arranged an Abba Tribute band for the actual birthday, but what did you do? or what suggestions can you give me, I am open to ANY ideas lol!

    Would really really love your opinions :smile: PLEASE, as being Summer, I need to confirm things now so that they are booked :tup:
  2. Hmm.. well what kind of "big" birthday are you having?? Just need a bit more details so we can know what point in life you are so we can suggest age appropriate ideas. Who will be going?? How many people?? Happy early birthday and anniversary!!
  3. put it this way, it will be the 1st Anniversary of my 39th Birthday lol ;)

    it is also my 15th Wedding Anniversary on the same day :biggrin:

    The house I have hired can house 24 max so that would be the amount of people coming , and we are there for 4 days x :smile:
  4. so u want a more sophisticated party or a laid back one?? an adventurous one?? i think it would be once you got that whole place to have a murder mystery party!! how fun would that be for everyone!!
  5. Want to have lots of fun, open to any suggestions at all.
  6. Will you be cooking meals, having them catered or what? Maybe a different themed dinner every night (type of cuisine?)