Big Bang Theory

  1. I think we have a long wait. Isn't it usually September?

    I am SO excited. Jim Parsons is co-hosting again with Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly this Monday! :smile:
  2. ^ Oops, just realized that he isn't co-hosting. He is appearing as a guest.
  3. Yea. The regular season TV shows will start again in September/October. But during this wait, there are always those summer shows!
  4. ohhhh i hate the waiting, i just love this show so much.
    i literally laugh on every episodes and all of them are worth to watch over and over again, this is my favourite comedy show ever. and not many series have succeeded in adding new characters that succeed well and they did it maginificently
  5. A few of my favourite moments ;)
    howard-raj.jpg howard-raj-leonard-80s.jpg ricky-sheldon.jpg sheldon - zazzels.jpg sheldon-cats-3.jpg
  6. I think my favorite was the one with the kitties! The Zazzy Substitution :biggrin:
  7. I just read that Jim Parsons makes $300k/episode. Hollywood actors/actresses are grossly overpaid, but I think the man who brings Sheldon Cooper to life is totally worth every penny!
  8. Ita!
  9. oh i can't wait to see the new season!!! it is such a long wait that i watch the previous episodes again now
  10. Raj and Amy have the BEST lines! They crack me up. Every single time!
  11. These are mine:
    Sheldon Playing Bongos.jpg Amy Wearing A Tiara.png French Maid Sheldon.jpg Sheldon Hugging Penny.jpg That's how we roll in the Shire.png Sheldon's Drunk Speech.jpg
  12. Sorry . . . several more . . .
    Sheldon As Gollum.jpg Under the Bridge.jpg Howard and Raj's Ersatz Homosexual Marriage.jpg
  13. i just saw the casts on comic con 2012 at youtube and although jim parsons can't physically be there he was on tele con but johnny galecki wasn't there at all.
    on the end of the event they give 1 ticket to fly to space !!! omg i would be literally screaming or fainting if i was the one who got to won that!!
  14. I got into this show this year... I always thought it was boring looking but fffff i should have gotten into it sooner. This and the Walking Dead & Awkward are my favorites.
  15. "Zazzy" is in my top five if not one of my favorite episodes ever! :roflmfao: