big bags

  1. are they still trendy?? will it last a long time?
  2. I am the last person to spot a trend but I find myself backing away from the huge bags. I don't want a small bag but sometimes (esp. with someone short like me) I think a huge bag looks ridiculous.
  3. Seems like they'll be around awhile. I consider my bags big, big enough to tote all of my stuff around and I'll always carry those no matter if in or out. I never found ridiculously large bags appealing though.
  4. honestly i don't care LOL

    i always wore big bags before it became a trend. i was never a small bags girl. when i carry small bag, i always carry another bigger bag on my left shoulder. i's a freak control who needs to carry everything with me :p

    i wish that the trend's over soon cause i don't want to look like i wear it because it's trendy.
  5. I don't know if they're still trendy... but I've never carried a bag for its trendy size. If I need to haul around a lot of things on a particular day, it's a big bag regardless of whether I'm made to look small next to it, as long as it serves my needs.
  6. I'm not sure if they are still trendy or not either. I'm a medium sized bag girl (can't stand digging!) but I will say that the big bag trend is a whole lot more practical than the pochette/baguette trend of several years ago! :p But, boy weren't some of those 'babies' cute!
  7. above 175cm match big bag,others for smart bag
  8. I love big bags! I am very tall and not so small anymore. I do not always carry a bag since I prefer to just carry my wallet. When I do carry a bag I need it big. I have two small children so I need to carry alot when I go out with them. I will only carry a small bag if I am going on a night out to dinner or a formal event. Other than that I am a tote lover , big totes!!
  9. I carry the size bag I need to carry all of my stuff - that's usually a larger size handbag. In the evening or weekend I usually try and size down. But big..small - they're all great.
  10. i saw a lot of girls in LA wearing totes =0 i am a tote lover before but switched down to wristlet and now coming back to totes again!!
  11. I have always worn big bags. I love to carry EVERYTHING I
  12. I wish medium-sized bags would make a comeback. Teeny-tiny doesn't work for me, but neither does huge (for me) since I'm only 5' 0" tall. Bags that look fine on "normal" size people dwarf me! :sad:
  13. I like bigger bags and find myself carrying those the most.
  14. I don't necessarily think they're trendy anymore, but I love big bags anyway. I carry so much to work, pumps, legal files, notebooks, makeup bags, wallets, etc., that I just can't make a smaller bag work. The smallest bag I carry for work is the Speedy 30, and that's only when I don't have files, etc. to carry. For weekends, I go smaller, but I'll probably be carrying my big bags forever, regardless of whether or not they're "in style"
  15. I think medium and large bags are good and might be a trend for a while. But it has to look good with the proportion of your body and height. I tried on a large bag the other day and it looked normal in my hand, but in the mirror on my shoulder it looked bizarre.

    With me its all about vanity. I saw a woman the other day with a small little bag and it made her arse hook huge! Eeee! Needless to say, Im goin big! Besides, I think if youre 16 and all you need is your drivers licence a small bag might work, but if you work and are on the go, you really need more than just a lipstick pouch in my opinion.