Big Bags Or Truly Oversized?

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  1. Hi Ladies! I'm curious, big bags are wonderful for several reasons, but how many of you are buying OVERSIZED bags? and if you are, do you load them up or just carry a few things, mainly capitalizing on the bag's giant gorgeous look? Thanks! (Your answers will sway me...either away from one, or ::sigh:: help create another obsession) :sweatdrop: :wlae:
  2. me! i def. buy OVERSIZED bags.
    here's my 2 biggest bags.
    i don't load a lot on my marni because of the handles and material just doesn't meant to be filled up till full. but i filled up my balenciaga weekender some times.
  3. I don't, because I'm short, so if I buy a oversized bag, I'll look TINY next to it, besides, I barely have things to carry
  4. I don't like to carry OVERSIZED bags. They hurt my shoudlers! plus i am not too tall. :P
  5. Unless you are a student, or are going away for three days, I just can't see carrying around luggage all day, so it's small to medium for me. :yes:
  6. i'm tall so what i think is a big bag is usually in reality oversized. i try not to fill to the brim when i'm by myself but being the mommy of a little one, some diapers and other child stuff miraculously finds its way inside.
  7. ITA. I'm very tall, so I could probably pull off the oversized bag look, but I don't care for it at all. It's also going to look dated soon, when the trend dies down. I've always been a small to medium handbag kinda girl. :tender:
  8. I can't answer this question b/c there are no parameters given. Where does BIG end and OVERSIZE begin?
    It has a lot to do with the wearer. I'm big enough to carry a very large bag and still not look "out of scale", so to speak. I usually want my bags to be at least 15" wide across the bottom, and at least 10" tall, or like a tote. That's not BIG for me, but it's bigger than any woman carries in my office, or in my class at school.
    Bags people here refer to as big, such as the speedy 30, are too small for my taste. Also, bags I thought were big 5 or 10 years ago seem way too small now... so BIG is definitely a fashion trend I'm comfortable with!
  9. I don't use oversized bag for every day bag, but I do like some designer's big bags such as balenciaga city (is it a big bag? not sure how big is a big bag:shrugs:) and LV Keepall 45.
  10. The biggest bag I can probably go for for everyday would be 15 inches wide, 15 inches tall, and 7 inches depth, which I know many women would consider a "medium-large". The biggest bag I own right now is my Louis Vuitton Noe (approx. 13.5 X 10 X 7.5), but I bought it because I know it'd be useful for school and travel. I don't like carrying really huge bags everyday (since I get tired of lugging my things all the time), and I tend to be a minimalist (I can go a day just carrying a wristlet). The fact that my mom never carried a huge bag inspires me to do the same.
  11. well i just like how they look..i usually don't carry much on me but I don't really have small bags either because I pretty tall and I think I look better with bigger bags
  12. i'm not really tall, only 5'4" and i loved big bags since before it becomes a "trend".
  13. thanks ladies for your responses, has helped me alot
    i guess what i mean when i say "oversized" are those bags that (a) look almost like luggage no matter their style or (b) prompt people to say "that bag's bigger almost than you are" (mainly directed to carriers 5'4" or under -- i'm 5'1" lol) or (c) could be an adult playhouse to crawl into or look like the Marni and BBag of the first PFer who answered this thread (can't remember her name, i shoulda looked before answering :smile: ) btw, those 2 were fabulous

  14. I love huge bags and I'm only 5' 4". Of course, I've always gone my own way and not really paid attention to fashion. I suppose I might look silly carrying them, but I've carried them since I was a teen and probably will continue until I'm a little old lady.:smile:

    By the way, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Balenciaga weekender. I can only dream of owning one like that. Maybe when my kids are grown and I actually have a job :yahoo:.
  15. I'm only 5'2" and I LOVE big bags. You can fit everything in them, and they are stylish! Although I usually stick to the shape of a tote, so it doesn't look too much like luggage