big bags on petite women?

  1. I've been wanting some of the bigger bags lately (like an MC Trouville, Epi Alma & Mono Musette, the large one) but i'm only 5'2" & really petite so I think it might look like i'm lugging around luggage or that it will look funny on me. I don't live close to an LV store so I can't just go in to try them on readily until I go to the cities.

    Do any of you short ladies carry the bigger bags or just stick to smaller ones? The biggest one I have is the Speedy 25.

    I keep seeing good deals on Ebay but hesitant to bid since I think it might look too big or flashy on me, but I know I'm missing out on some decent deals, LOL.

    Oh & if anyone short has a Musette can you please post a pic of you wearing it?? Thanks!!
  2. I'm 5'2", about 105 lbs. & I've always been a "big bag" girl. I have 2 LV Speedy 30's ( I feel the 25 is too small) & 2 Balenciaga Hobo/Day bags. I've also had an LV Cabas Mezzo & 2 large Fendi Spy bags. Frankly, I feel weird carrying a small bag. I guess it's just what you are used to but don't feel that you are going to look silly carrying a bigger bag. Lots of us little gals do;)
  3. I'm petite and carry my Speedy 35. It doen't look too big.
  4. I like big bags on whoever !!
  5. I would have to see the bag on the person. I have seen short women wear a speedy 30 and I did not think it looked right on them.
  6. Trust me, I'm 5'2 and use my Alma a lot, as well as the MC Speedys and they are in no way too big. Also, don't worry about the's not too big either. My mom has the perfo Musette so I can't take a picture of me with it on cause it's hers (lol) but as long as you put it on the last hole to make it as short as possible and even consider doing the cross body thing, it looks GREAT on.
  7. I'm 5'4" and thin, and I love big bags! I think it just depends on what you like.
  8. I'm 5'1" and the biggest LV bag I have is a mono Speedy 30. When I got an epi Speedy I went down to a 25. I just can't get used to seeing myself toting around a large bag. IMO it looks like it overwhelms me. I tried the Fendi Spy and wound up returning it for that reason. I know it's just me though. I see a lot of petite women carrying large bags and they look so great.
  9. I think a big bag would look nice on you.
  10. I love big bags on little girls. I just love big bags.
  11. I'm 5'3" and LOVE larger bags! I think the smaller ones look stupid on me. :shame:

    My mom is 5' and 95 pounds and very tiny -- she wears big everything -- handbags, jewelry, etc. and always looks SO good!
  12. I love big bags. Bigger the better.:graucho:
  13. I am 5' 2" also, and I have the mc trouville, I don't think it looks big on me at all. It almost the same size as my Manhattan PM and I think that's just right. I wouldn't go too much bigger than that personally because I feel like it might overpower me. But, those middle size bags I don't think are big at all. Some of the other bags are like 15 inches long and 13 inches high, now THATS a big bag.
  14. oh wow, it's seems like there's lot of people that're 5'2" !! & that also carry bigger bags. Yes, I'd have to agree that the Fendi Spys would be waaay to big & flashy. Ok, well with all this good feedback I might try the Trouville or Alma, thanks ladies!!
  15. Which Musette - Tango or Salsa?