Big bags for college/work suggestions w/pics

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  1. I am starting college next week and am looking for a bag big enough to house my binders, books and lunch. Any suggestions with pics would be greatly appreciated!!!
  2. I use this bag for college: Chloé Paddington Tote.

    It's a very sturdy bag in an all-year-round colour, with only a very small logo on the lock and hardware.

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  3. I have a mulberry bayswater. It's a great school/college bag (I'm a uni student). Mine is chocolate darwin/natural leather, but it comes in various shades and leather types. The natural leather can be a bit heavy, but the soft grain variant is a lot lighter. It is a great size for A4 size paper and books and it fits over the shoulder. And it has straps inside to make it wider if you need more space. It's great! Here's a pic of mine, there are more on and NAP.

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  4. What's your price range? Do you want leather or fabric? Any other "musts"?
  5. How glam do you want it to look, and how important are pockets and organizational features? If you're up for something interesting but not tricked out, check into the Flap bag by Cydwoq (You can get it at[​IMG]

    It will last FOREVER! Another option is this other big Cydwoq bag (also at Ped):[​IMG]
  6. congrats on starting college! you are gonna have so much fun! i am about to be a junior in college, and i have a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag. i love this bag! i always bring it to class. i can fit everything in it comfortably. it never looks overstuffed!! here are some pics of lindsay lohan and hayden P carrying some! the first few pics are the normal version but the last photo of hayden p is the mini version :tup: there is a Rebecca Minkoff subforum on tpf so come by and check it out!

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  7. What's your price range?
  8. MBMJ Dr. Q Delancey!


    past season, but i think some nordies still have them!
  9. ^ that's a pretty bag.

    I wish I could use big bags for school. starting freshman year in 2 weeks!!! (high school)
    I think maybe when I'm a jr. I will start to use big bags. for now, I'm using my North Face hot shot or surge backpack. On lighter load days I have tote bags. I might be able to use some Coach totes. it's more appropriate (and popular) for my age
  10. when i was in HS it was all the rage to have just a regular backpack (like a jansport, i had a pink jansport! lol) and then carry around a Dooney and Bourke or a Coach. my first designer bag was a Dooney and Bourke. I still have it for sentimental reasons (even tho it was only 5 years ago) is so tiny! i can't barely fit my stuffed wallet into it lol
  11. I think it would be weird to carry a backpack and purse, but hmm, maybe!! My mom buys me coach, I don't really ask. But this time i'm going to ask for a big tote for school.
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    I'm heading into my Senior year of high school in two weeks and right now I'm looking into a tokidoki messenger or tote for next year.. I can't decide...:sweatdrop:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I'll agree with frostedcouture on the purse AND backpack idea, I have friends that carry both don't get me wrong, but it's something extra to hold onto all day and keep an eye on. I usually carry a messenger or a big tote with a make-up clutch for my wallet, cell phone, make-up, and all that stuff, thats worked for me for 3 years so far
  13. ^^Tote!
  14. i like the tote! messenger bags aren't cute in my opinion
  15. lol that's how it was at my high school, no idea why!