big bags as luggage

  1. I was today in Paris and went to chanel. I wanted to buy shoes but the ones i wanted weren't available.

    And then i saw the paris-Biarritz collection. Though i wasn't very attracted with it i fell in love with the XXL tote. It's huge and was 1350 USD ( including tax).

    I tested at home and this bag will be perfect as a week-end bag. i can put so many clothes in it.

    Do you do the same with big bag as original chanel luggage are soooooo expensive?

  2. oh I'd totally use that as a weekender! Great choice!
    I'd love to have a piece frlom this ligne.
  3. Great idea !!! :tup:
    I bought a full set of black Gucci luggage back in the 90s, so I don't have a need as it has a weekend type carryall but I love the idea of using the large Chanel as luggage.....very nice.
  4. That's why I bought mine! :yes: I bought the tote though, so I could carry it to work too, just to get some more use out of it, since I don't go away that often.
  5. great idea!!! It's really cute.
  6. thats such a good idea and a great price when you think of it from the luggage standpoint. can you post a picture wearing it? congrats!!
  7. The bigger the better! Congrats.
  8. What are the measurements? Can you do a modeling pic? =P
  9. I agree with swanky. I love to have this bag for a weekender or out of town bag..
  10. i'll do
  11. ive seen this bag irl and its a great as a weekender or daily bag