big BAG you've got there Mischa!

  1. I love Dior, but this version of the bag might be a tad too big for my liking!
  2. Ya, I agreed! :blink: It looks like it can eat that short guy alive too! :throwup:
  3. her eyes...ugh
  4. I kinda like the "bigness" of it all!
  5. I like BIG bags! I'm actually looking for a cute one for school right now..
  6. I really like her top and cropped jacket.
  7. She Always Looks Amazing IMO. Her Dior Is Beautiful.....I Think It's Fabulous For When You Have All The Extras
  8. hmmm, i probably could crawl into that dior bag!!! LOL... j/k
  9. Big bag, and that jacket on her looks too small LOL

  10. I actually happen to like the bag.And I love her jacket and her pants but just not paired with those shoes.:lol:
  11. Wow she's really skinny! I like the bag though
  12. love the bag! but NOT the handle though.
    love the pants too :P
  13. I love big bags, but only for school or travelling. I don't have enough to put in big bags for everyday use.
  14. LOL :roflmfao:
  15. i used to love her she's becoming a 'Nicole'...
    btw, i hate those sunglasses!
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