Big bag question

  1. Hello,

    I have been wanting a big bag for a while...I really fell in love with the coco cabas (large) in black..but I was told they are not making it anymore. So I just recently saw the Modern Chain Large tote bag...does anyone know if they are still making this bag? if so does it come in black and how much is it. Also if anyone knows the differences between these 2 bags please let me know as well! Thanks so much everyone!!
  2. nobody.....
  3. Let me try ;)

    They still make Cabas and MC but not exactly the same design as last season. Here is picture of new Cabas:

    The new MC has different leather, different hardware and different lining.

    To compare the two, Cabas is bigger than MC. It almost hits the floor if you hand held it. The depth of Cabas is about half of MC, maybe 2 inches only. Cabas looks very trendy and eye catching. It is more like a runway bag. MC looks young and chic and sparkling.

    Both come in black. MC is 2650. I don't know the price for Cabas but I believe it's more expensive.
  4. Thank you soo much Katie123..people know more here than the actual boutiques!
  5. As far as I know they are still making the baby cabas (see reference library for pics) this bag is also pretty big and costs around $1995. Another option for a big bag would be the GST around $1895. The modern chain totes are pretty heavy, for a more lightweight option check out the new Expandable totes, they are pretty lightweight and adorable IMO.
  6. The new Brooklyn Cabas is $2995. Ouch. I am not crazy about anything that is patchwork, but that happens to be a nice looking bag. The MC north/south is $2650. If you look hard enough, you will find a baby cabas at $1995. Sounds like a bargain now, right? Pretty sad. LOL. And yes....all three come in black.
  7. Yeah, MC is pretty heavy. It weighs 3 lbs with nothing in it. It's something you need to consider.
  8. The mc is lined in leather and the baby cabas is lined in fabric, which is probably the difference in price and weight.
  9. I love big bags and find the MC to be a lovely large size. I have the new one for fall in glazed leather.