Big bag girls - what do you fill them with???

  1. I'd love a big bag BUT i don't carry enough to justify one! All I carry is my filofax, wallet, pencil case, coin purse and hand cream (and sometimes a novel)!! What on earth do you carry in your huge bags???
  2. I'd love to know that too. I only carry my purse, keys, phone and a chapstick.
  3. purse, keys, phone, lotion, hair ties, planner

    sometimes my laptop, umbrella, magazine, water bottle...

    hmmm, no wonder my back hurts!
  4. Well, I pretty much carry everything I own in mine, so it's justifiable I think for someone as little as I am to carry a big bag. I carry keys, garage door opener (I have to park outside the house and it's easier for me to keep the opener in the purse), ipod nano, ipod video, phone/pocket pc, make up pouch, large wallet, hairspray, pick, water bottle, digital camera, sometimes a book, compact, hand cream, umm...I think there's probably more, sadly.
  5. these are what i basically carry whe i have no meetings :
    - 2 cell phones
    - ipod
    - lv medium agenda
    - balenciaga mini purse for make up
    - balenciaga mini purse for 2 pack of cigs
    - balenciaga mini coin purse for coins and receipt
    - lv PTI wallet
    - fold of papers for my job
    - magazine

    when i'm in a meeting i'll add :
    - few booklets
    - laptop
  6. ^^^You may carry more than I do. :nuts: Or maybe not. I carry everything that I could possibly need in case of some unforeseen emergency that would cause me to have to spend a night away from home. Not clothes, but everything else. Even if we're going out to a cocktail party and I'm carrying a clutch, I have a purse in the car, 'loaded for bear' , just "in case..."
  7. wallet, coin purse, agenda, ipad nano, diapers, baby wiped, extra undies for the kids, candy for me, crayons and a note pad for the kids
  8. I have no problem whatsoever filling a bag, it really doesn't matter how big it is.

    I also carry 2 cellphones,
    a laptop (every other day or so)
    an agenda
    sometimes a magazine or a book (I commute, so I want to be able to read something on the train, if I feel like it)
    a wallet
    2-3 chapsticks
    keys to my apartment
    keys to my job (they're not regular keys, so I can't put them on the same keychain as my own keys)
    an Ipod
    chewing gum or candy
    folders for work

    and probably tons of other things that I have forgotten about, almost every day.
  9. I used to be able to fill a huge bag up... but then I realized I didn't really need all the stuff I was lugging around. I still like bigger bags, mind you, but I don't need to carry a ton of makeup with me when I apply it at home (a concealer, Mark hook-ups, and some lip balm/gloss does me fine). I used to bring a makeup bag, pencil case, journal, book, an occasional knitting project, my planner, my wallet, etc. Now I'm in a bit smaller of a purse, and if I have more to carry then I take my messenger bag (for my laptop, school stuff, etc). Now my purse just has my essentials (wallet, planner, keys, small lotion, cell phone, mp3 player, and handful of cosmetics), and I'm finding it's so much easier on the shoulders. I don't miss carrying everything I own around! And I know that I have some larger bags if I do feel the need to take more.
  10. I have one big bag (IF chain reaction hobo) which I use on days out with my kids. A packet of wetwipes will fill half the bag, along with a couple of sweaters incase the weather changes, then maybe a bottle of drink. Then there is all the usual handbag bits that everyone has...
    My big bag is great as it does the job and still keeps me looking like a 'Yummy Mummy'
  11. I carry a wallet, coin purse, make-up bag, planner, sunglasses, water, book, umbrella and sometimes a laptop. I need those big bags. But I'm trying to scale down.
  12. Agenda, wallet, magazines, I ALWAYS have to have a book w/ me, and a snack, cosmetic bag
  13. Oh..LOL...I have no problem filling them! My youngest are 1.5 and 3.:smile: With all of their goodies (snacks, sippy cup, botlle, toys, baby wipes, etc..) There's hardly any room leftover for my stuff! I keep 2 diaper bags in the car as well. :yes:
  14. I have no problem filling up my big bags. I usually carry wallet, cosmetics case (an IF wristlet that doubles as a clutch if I need to grab and go), notebook/agenda, small bottle of water, cell phone, ipod, sometimes chargers for both(!), laptop fits in there, too, maybe a pair of ballet flats, hand cream, and the list goes on and on. No wonder my back hurts! I'm like RowanOak, I have to have everything ... just in case. My co-workers tease me all the time. They say that I have someone living in my bag. They even named it! :nuts:
  15. I have one big bag, but I don't attempt to fill it up.