Big Bag Carriers- A Question for You

  1. I can't see that this has been posted before, so here goes:

    We all know that monster sized bags are IN this season big time. I've always wondered this: do any of you guys actually USE all that space in the bigger bags? I have a Hobo Stam and it's what I'd call a medium sized bag. I keep all my smaller loose items in 3-4 cosmetic type cases and also have my reader glasses case, sunglasses case and wallet so I can switch out bags quickly. Basically all those things just cover the bottom of the bag, so I only use maybe 25% or less of the bag capacity.

    How much stuff do you guys put into your bigger bags? Half full? Less than half, bursting out the top of the bag?
  2. Half full.
  3. Prada~ I do the same as you! All my stuff is in cosemetic type cases and I have my sunglasses in the case and my wallet. This makes it easier to find everything and switch bags! I don't really fill my bags up but I still love big bags.
  4. About 1/2 full, but I do notice that now it's harder for me to use my smaller bags. I'm getting too used to being able to fit wristlets, and smaller bags inside the bigger bags I carry.
  5. I don't any over-sized bags but I imagine the slouch form a half-full bag is part of the appeal?
  6. I use ALL the space in a big bag. I read on my commute, so at any given time I'm carrying a hardcover book, a magazine, my journal, iPod, wallet, Palm pilot, assorted make-up, documents.....and when I stay at my boyfriend's, a full change of clothes!! I try to carry smaller bags and just end up feeling like I've forgetten something! :crybaby:
  7. Mine's usually 1/3 full with my sunglasses case, wallet, cosmetic bag, and cell phone. But I often stuff a cardigan/light jacket in the bag on days that I have to layer because the weather is unpredictable.
  8. Usually a little less than half full...I like slouchy bags and it lets me keep the shape...and also leaves room to throw things in throughout the day.

  9. ITA. :yes: I think most of the bags are supposed to look slouchy and only 1/4 full.
  10. i have big bags.. and i fill them with various things.. sometimes magazine, always 2 lil makeup cases.. 2 mobile.. my wallet.. train bookley thing.. a couple of other things.. it somehow gets full
  11. I agree as well. 1/4 to 1/2 full is the limit for me. A bigger bag shouldn't look stiff and stuffed IMO.
  12. totally full!
  13. FULL
    unlike the celebrities who's big bags usually empty, i bring lots of stuff :P
  14. mine is always half full.. bf laughs when I ask him to carry it for a sec and then he complains as to how heavy my bag is then continues to ask what's inside my "house"... which is not really that much.. lol lol
  15. Mine is about 3/4 full generally. I always carry a water bottle with me - a habit I picked up when I used to model - so a big purse is a necessity for me. :yes: