Big bag ban is what to get! LOL.

  1. So no sooner than I was whining about my big bag ban (self imposed because I have way too many big bags), and a little pixie dust and I sold one...freeing up a hook to hang a new one. Oh, so many possibilitys and only 1 hook!

    Up for consideration:

    Vernis brentwood, perle
    Mono Stephen

    Or I could get something smaller...hmmm

    Or I could be good and wait for the hampstead.

  2. I would get the Stephen for sure.
  3. Stephen, it looks so gorgeous on everyone. I just want that chain strap LOL
  4. Stephen!
  5. Ha ha, but we know you've been satisfying your LV cravings with little LV trinkets during this self-imposed bag ban! Did you get your Wish Bracelet yet?
  6. What about a special order MC piece?
  7. I'd go for the brentwood in perle like you said or noisette, spring is coming.....:smile:

  8. same, I love that tortoise chain..
  9. Stephen! It proably wont be around forever?
  10. LOL, I never said I was on a complete ban...just a ban from big!

    Not yet, I got a while you were out yesterday, but haven't gone by the post office yet.
  11. No can do SO MC ;)
  12. Wait, 5 minutes ago the ban was on ... lol.... fickle girl.... heehee, whatever you get, it will be fab. you know what I'm voting for...
  13. I would go for the Stephen.
  14. I would go with the Stephen as well.
  15. stephen.