big bad croc paris-biarritz 2007 :)

  1. anyone see this bag IRL?
    and how much is it?
    i know it must've cost arms and legs, and there's only 5% chance of me to afford that, but just want to know :p

  2. I don't know the price and this and it's actually the first time I'm seeing a pic of it, but I think it's GORGEOUS!!! It's nice to see a croc bag that is edgy yet so wearable :nuts:. Only if I'd hit the lottery :girlsigh:.
  3. Hey sea - $45,000USD
  4. what ??? 45.000$ :wtf:
    i think i might faint in front op my keyboards..

    can i just capture a crocodile and sent it to chanel to stitch it for me LOL
  5. I know seriously.. the price tag is totally :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

    On the bright side it's cheaper than the super fug LV patchwork bag that was going for $46,000!

    At least if you got this you'd have a super classy and gorgeous bag out of it!
  6. oh yeah totally agree with u jadecee.
    if i'm a multi millionare and goinf to married a multi millionare man, i would def. get this one rather tah the LV patchwork...
    but still :crybaby:

    i'm seriously going to find a croc leather like that and made this bag LOL
  7. 45 grand?? Does a real, live crocodile come with the bag?
  8. LOL
    i always thought that croc are expensive and i believed it until i saw on national geographic that in some part in LA< i forget which country, CROCS are EVERYWHERE... it's nestinsting under people's cars and swimming on people's pool. and government like killing so many crocs each year.
    so i figured out that croc's leather not that expensive right?
    or maybe it's a special bred croc that chanel's invested to get fat and lived for 10 years then harvest it to turn into bags :roflmfao:
    OMG, how sick was that? LOL
  9. Whouah, I found this bag beautiful but at this price i don't think it's that beautiful !!!!!!!!!! Well i am going to remove the ad from the mag.... that' s all i do have
  10. Can I see a photo please?
  11. Anyone have a pic?
    Have to see a pic of a bag that cost almost as much as my car :O
  12. blueberry, lisasbags, i think i posted the pics here in the thread...
    but there must've been some error with the link :p

    here's another link

  13. WOW...that bag is HOT!!! Alas, I do NOT have $45K at my disposal!!!
  14. I saw the same but smaller. let say a bag for every day use. The price may be lower:yes:
  15. I think the smaller one was $32,000.