big baby vs. baby cabas?

  1. Hi! I've been reading some posts and I was wondering what the difference between the big baby and the baby cabas is? :confused1: I thought they were the same? I have the khaki baby cabas, but I saw someone posting a picture of it and calling it the big baby cabas, but I thought it was a baby cabas!? Can someone post pictures of it, I've tried the reference library and was unable to find my answer. THANKS! :p
  2. The so-called "big baby cabas" is the original cabas. It is different from the baby cabas (which is the one you currently have) in size, and style. If you pay close attention to it, you will notice that it has a huge CC logo in front while the baby cabas doesn't. Secondly, it doesn't have the criss-cross stiching on the bottom while the baby cabas does. That's basically it. I hope it helps.
    Chanel2.jpg 10790_z.jpg
  3. there is a baby cabas that is approximately 15 inches wide and then there is the exact same bag with quilting on the bottom too but its around 17 inches wide and then there is the orighinal coco cabas which has the cc logo in the stitched on the front, so to answer your question there is a baby cabas and a big baby cabas.
  4. thank you so much girls! I thought people just called the "big baby cabas" regular coco cabas (the trash bag?) that's why I got confused, i thought there was another cabas in between the original cabas and the one I have with the quilting
  5. The Big Baby has a new chain. Otherwise, it's pretty much a larger version of the baby.

    Here's my Big Baby:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. i saw the smallest baby cabas a few weeks ago at Saks and i must say, its adorable. i call it the Infant Cabas
  7. ^ there is one? i've never heard of that! you should take a picture and show it for us, hopefully with a baby and large next to the infant lol, it'll be like goldilocks! ;)
  8. haha thats a cute idea ladydeluxe so i have the big baby then? i wonder how the infant baby looks like...

  9. What...a smaller baby cabas came out? Do you mean smaller than the 15" wide one? How much is it? Does anyone have a style #?
  10. Let me make up a summary lol!
    Concerning the leather version of cabas there were two styles at first: the big cabas(not big baby cabas !) and the baby cabas!
    the big has big stitched CC logo and no quilted bottom :here's a pic taken from the library cabas thread:
    whether the baby cabas has only quilted bottom :
    this is a pic of the original or old baby cabas taken from above:[​IMG]

    This Year Chanel released two new versions of the old baby cabas:
    identical in design but different in size and colours (so far)
    Both resemble the original old baby cabas with the difference being in the chains:The old had leather interwoven chain ( 2nd pic above-as the old cabas,1st pic,had too)
    while the 2 new versions have leather braided chain as Jayne's :
    We call the new versions the new big/large baby cabas and the new small baby cabas respectively
    or as Purse-onality put it the new infant cabas (loved that:tup:!)

    Apart from the difference in the chains there is also a difference in size compared to the original/old baby cabas:
    The new big -like Jayne's- is bigger than the original baby(I'd say almost like the old cabas with the CC logo) and comes in black so far, while
    The new small/infant baby is smaller than the original/old baby and comes in brown/chaki or dark silver as far as I know :Here's a pic of the new small version a fellow Fer posted in the Library in dark silver:
    Well I suppose if we lined up all 3 versions of the baby cabas,old and newer ones,the old
    should be in the middle concerning size/dimentions/
    Hope it helps!;)
  11. Chanelspell has put it nicely. The Big Baby cabas is not the original cabas with huge CC logo and without quilting. It's a new season bag almost as big as original coco cabas, but in every other way except the chain it's identical to the original BABY cabas.

    I posted a thread with pics a while back, too.

    I agree that the reference thread is not very helpful in this regard.

    I'd ordered a baby cabas (with style number) from Amsterdam Chanel and ended up getting sent a Big baby...UGH!
  12. thanks so much girls! thanks chanelspell for the little story board haha. now it would be perfect if someone had a picture of all three lined up =]
  13. You're welcome girls! This thing with the new versions was really a pain in the a..!hehe!:bagslap: