big baby & baby cabas cost?!?

  1. I really like the two bags...does anyone happen to know the cost of both purses? Which one do you guys like better?!? I'm really thinking about getting another chanel before Nov 1st bc I know I'll regret it if I don't and want something when x-mas rolls around....thanks for your help!
  2. i have the black baby cabas which is $1995 without tax.
  3. So ladydeluxe did you just pay $1995 or you paid the 10% tax aswell when u bought it from US? For $1995 bag how much did FEDEX charge you for the tax? Thanks
  4. Thanks Quirky I've been deciding for and against this bag for a long time (yeap I think I should have my diatribe on the style!:roflmfao:) and now that I've made up my mind to get it I read posts of loose threads lol:sad:
  5. I just saw a black baby cabas (the $1995 one) in the Chanel boutique in Short Hills Mall in NJ, in case anyone was looking for one.