Big Apple: Here I Come! (First Time Ever)

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  1. :yahoo:So, I'm taking a weekend trip to NYC with my sisters this summer and I would love any suggestions for first time visitors....
    We are definitely swinging by the Met and the Natural History Museum as well as Ellis Island.
    Some Broadway shows are definitely at the top of our list...'Wicked' or 'Blue Man Group' maybe?

    Were staying at the Westin in Times Square...anyone stayed there?
  2. I suggest at drink at the Rainbow Room - which is way up high in the NBC Tower at Lincoln Center. You get a great view of Manhattan - including the Empire State Building.

    The Met is wonderful. If you like modern art - the MOMA is wonderful, and the Guggenheim usually has something interesting as well.

    And don't get me started on the shopping....
  3. Any good dining you could suggest?
  4. Ok. a friend recommended Gordon Ramsey's restaurant in the London Hotel...anyone eat there before?
  5. I will post a couple of my findings: Non-profit organization where volunteers give guided tours of NYC. There is a no-tipping policy and it's a free service.
  6. Do the Sex & the city tour is my recommendation, it's a lot of fun
  7. I sooo badly wanted to do the SATC tour and ended up packing way too many things in one chances are, I might not have a chance to do this.
    Maybe I will at least stop by Carrie's apartment and snap a pic!
  8. First, how long will you be in the city? You mentioned a number of attractions that are all on opposing sides of the City (the Met is on the Upper East Side, the Museum of Natural History is on the Upper West Side, the Broadway shows are right near your hotel in Times Square, Ellis Island will require a trip all the way downtown to Battery Park, and Carrie's apartment is in the Village).

    You can do it all, but you will need a fairly tight iternary...especially if you want to devote a few hours to the absolutely fabulous museums you mentioned. For example, to get to Ellis Island, explore, and get back on the ferry will be a few hours, if you don't get stuck in a horrendous line.

    One of my favorite things with out of town guests is start in downtown in Battery Park, see the Statue of Liberty (go on the ferry, if the guests would like), walk up the financial district and see the more contemporary architecture contrasted with the architecture of city hall, head up to tribeca and then chinatown (a fantastic neighborhood for visitors to stop in), and then soho for shopping. From Soho, you can walk up to the Village (where Carrie's apartment is, I believe, as well as Magnolia Bakery - the cupcakes featured on SATC).

    A good side diversion from either the Met or the Museum of Natural History involves a stop in Central Park. I love, love, love the calm oasis that is the Park, and it's goregous in the summer (that is, away from the 59th street entrance with the horse carriages and the surrounding smell).

    ALSO - if you're dead set on seeing "Wicked", book tickets NOW. The show is almost always sold out, especially on heavy tourist times (read: summer, weekends). It's very, very popular with out of town guests.
  9. Spam-a-lot is really fun. The last time we went, we tried the very first pizza place in the US. It is called Lombardis and it is on Spring street. We sat next to Hillary Swank. Another good Italian place for dinner is Tratoria Del Arte. (not sure of spelling). David Letterman gives away passes all the time and has been spotted there. The food is really good.
  10. oh soo jealous. im going there next year for my birthday. I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT TRIP!
  11. Itotally say see Wicked! It's BEYOND awesome, but then again I love it.

    I've heard mixed things baout the Blue Man Group but never seen it.

    The Moma is free from 4 pm - 8pm on Friday nights. I say do the double decker bus tour it's totally touristy but you can hop on and off and they tour guides have a lot of quirky information.

    The Rainbow room is cool for drinks or food and The View, which is at the top of the Marriott Marquise revolves and there is a bar too. It's really cool you are able to see everything. Tavern on the Green is a once in a lifetime place to go. It's not the great of food, but it's an NY institution.

    I've heard the Gordon Ramsey place is very good, but VERY expensive.

    Trattoria Trecolori is very good as well. Gnocchi is awesome!

    Check out Tripadvisor's NY forum there are lots of food suggestions on there.
  12. i second tripadvisors. also, how about a city tour on one of those buses? i think to cover as much of manhattan, it's best to do it on the'll pass all the different neighborhoods, and then you can go back to do some walking around on your own.

    also, you have to try some of the chinese restaurants in chinatown...
  13. Oh...I lived in NYC for 4 years and loved it there. Lately I've been getting to go back for work and that's made me a very happy girl! I've never stayed at the Westin in Times Square but I'm a fan of Westin Hotels in general so you'll probably have a great time.

    I echo the recommendations for Wicked and Spamalot - Wicked is one of my favorite shows. Some of my favorite restaurants are Popover Cafe, Josie's, and Asia de Cuba (it was also on a SATC episode - fabulous food).

    All the museum recommendations people have made are great. Trying bagels from H&H Bagels are a must - it's right near Zabar's which is amazing if you're a foodie.

    Happy to answer any questions you might have - You're going to have so much fun with your sisters!!
  14. I got back early March and saw The Little Mermaid, it was amazing.
  15. I realized I was going to have a PACKED schedule if I tried going to I have started to pick the things i REALLY want to see.
    I bought tix to the double-decker tour with Grayline....and that pretty much gives us a tour of Uptown and Downtown.