Big Apple Girls...need your help...what to pack for this weekend!!!!!

  1. Leaving tomorrow from Miami to N.Y.C., how is the weather?-should I take a black thin coat or a cream thin coat and need cashmere or is it warm and muggy.....!!!!thanks for the input, will wait for answers before packing!!!!can't wait!!!!:heart:
  2. well today it was almost 70 but not sure what the weekend is going to be like
  3. I know....oh what a dilemma!!!!!!
  4. The weather has been very erratic lately. It was almost 70 today but it's supposed to go back down to the low 40's by this weekend. They're predicting rain for Friday and snow for Saturday and Sunday.
  5. It'll be colder by the weekend. I'd dress in layers- I don't know how thin your coat is, but if you wear cashmere underneath you'll be fine if you're indoors most of the time. If you plan on going sightseeing, I'd wear a heavier outer layer.
  6. Thanks to all, I am taking (still packing) a black cashmere coat, and a lighter water-resistant trench, then layers, layers, layers........was going to take a cream color cashmere coat but it would probably get filthy the first day....can't wait!!!!!
  7. Have tons of fun!! Now is a great time to visit- the city isn't full of tourists!
  8. Yup this is perfect! Have fun in the big city!!
  9. Just saw the news its going to be 40s in day and 20s at night
  10. perfect weather.....great!
  11. It might rain this weekend. It was beautiful today supposed to be 63 tomorrow and then back down to 39. It might rain so bring an umbrella JIC.
  12. If you don't want to pack a coat...well then its NYC you can buy one :p anywhere
  13. I'll be in Manhattan the second week of April and I will pack very little so that I'll have to shop to get what I that a good excuse? I actually go to The Wunderland Weekly News for 3/8/7 to get the latest 5 day forecast.
  14. I mean Wunderground!