Biel's Bag

  1. Anyone know the designer?

    beil bag.jpg
  2. Maybe chanell?
  3. Maybe a bottega vaneta.. I only say that because of the weave of the leather.
  4. It's a woven Olivia by Gryson. It's gorgeous!
  5. pretty!
  6. Gryson makes STUNNING bags!
  7. The bag pictured is Gryson's woven Olivia. Check em out at I have a Gryson Olivia, but not the woven style. It is next on my wish list. I love the Olivia sillohuette so much that I can't wait to see the woven version IRL. I can tell you this, the quality is second to none. The bags are gorgeous. For anyone not familiar with Gryson, it is worth noting that Joy Gryson was the former director of design and development for Marc Jacobs handbags.
  8. Thank you so much! Do you think her's is the green?
  9. I have to say I like my Woven much more than the Regular. It makes the bag heavier but it's so much more bag. It seems more substantial. Admittedly I will say that the Regular Skye (in my case) seems so boring comparatively.
    I still say that even with the price tag, Gryson has the best bag out there. Quality through and through.
    Her bag looks black but they didn't put that color out this Fall.
  10. laf724, I think she's carrying the black woven Olivia. I don't think the bag comes in a dark green. If you look on you should be able to see the range of colors. Also I bet they are keeping this style in their fall 2007 line which should be showing up soon. This would probably be a good time to pick up one of the spring colors on sale!
  11. Well ladies, I just took my own advice and went to, and it turns out that the woven Olivia was made in a dark green! I'm betting though that Jessica's bag is black (just doesn't look green in photo to me). You know how celebrities have special access to everything, I'm betting that this bag is from the up and coming fall line. What do you think? Lexie, have you gotten a preview from your friend??