Bidpay likely to put some buyers off?

  1. Hi all,
    I am going to list a few things on eBay next week, and I'm thinking of using Bidpay instead of PayPal, since the fees on PayPal are so high! Do you think this would put potential bidders off?
  2. no i love using bidpay!!!... i perfer bidpay!
  3. I do not know what BIDPAY is. I heard that the buyer will pay for the credit charge fees for BIDPAY, whereras the seller pays the credit card fees for Paypal. Am I correct?
    If so, as a buyer, I would stay away from using BIDPAY. Therefore, I would think twice before bidding on your auction.
  4. I don't know much about Bidpay. Do they offer the same protection policies as Paypal for buyer and seller?
  5. I think bidpay is better for seller than buyer. Does ebay offer protection for bidpay?
  6. Doesnt bidpay charge the buyer for money orders to be sent to the seller? I had to pay a buyer via Bidpay a long time ago and I had to pay $5.95 for a money order! Since then I wont buy from Bidpay only auctions. I personally hate PayPal since I went thru hell with them a while back, but according to ebay I have to accept it since I'm a so called Powerseller. so I do put that I "reluctantly" accept PayPal in my auctions and I prefer MO or personal check. Hope it all works out for you!
  7. Bidpay changed owners recently and made some changes after that, they now accept Mastercards again and sellers pay the service fee of payments now. I don't know how protected buyers are though, buyers weren't protected at all before the ownerchange because even though your item didn't arrive or was fake etc. bidpays part was only to provide the check and because they did that you couldn't dispute the charges on your creditcard.
  8. My guess is that since so many buyers do not have BidPay accounts, it would be more work to use them than PayPal.

    However, if you are selling a high-ticket item, that might not matter as much as it would if you are selling something very inexpensive.

    Like Oh Donna I only used them once, and that was to get an embroidery piece from a country that was (at least at that time) served only by BidPay, and like her, I had to pay an additional 5 or 6 dollars to send money to the seller. I was willing to do it because I was getting an incredible bargain on something I really wanted, so if you are selling a high priced handbag, your buyers might feel the same, but if you are selling Levis for $10, I would say stick with PayPal!
  9. bidpay the seller gets charged... and not for the buyer!!... They verify everything before any money can be approved through!
  10. It would put me off - I don't want to get involved with more than one of these systems - enough headaches.
  11. I think a lot of people automatically pass over listings that don't accept paypal. This is the case for me sometimes(like if I'm looking for an expensive item) and it's also true for a lot of people I know. I think part of it is not being familiar with bidpay and knowing that paypal is easy to use, reliable, and safe most of the time.
  12. Thanks all! I just listed a bunch of things and am going to TRY BidPay. If they don't sell well, I'll just go back to PayPal
  13. Oh Donna - I am a Powerseller but I cant take Paypal at the mo (my account is suspended due to chargeback problems) Is that true about having to take Paypal?