BidPay advantages for buyers?

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  1. Okay - I've found a purse I really love, feel good about authenticity (pics anyway!!)...... And because it has BIN option, I really want it. But the seller only takes BidPay and checks.

    I've made many purchases and sales on eBay, but only with PayPal (which seller won't take - I asked).

    Does BidPay give any protection with a transaction?
    No way will I send checks or money orders.

    I am so worried about scams. Bummer if this seller is legit, but I don't know anything about BidPay and don't want to risk it.
  2. Fund it through a credit card. Check the BidPay rules for bidders. All the protection information is right there.

    Sometimes people have their PP accounts frozen or whatever and can't accept it. Other times, the seller doesn't like the scams going on and won't accept PP. Othertimes, the seller is selling fakes and knows once he has the money, that's it. Sometimes the seller is afraid of fake money orders.

    Alot of sellers are getting ticked at PP because of reverals and chargebacks.

    So it's up to you if you want to buy it. What's the seller's FB like? That should tell you what to do. Has she sold that brand before?
  3. The way I've reseached it is that BidPay offers the same CC protection to a buyer that PayPal does. Bottom line, use your credit card for all your Internet purchases through money transmitting channels such as BidPay or PayPal. If you have cash you want to spend, keep it to pay off the credit card bill. You always have the CC company as the final decision maker in the event of a dispute.

    The reason some sellers are moving away from PayPal is because they changed their user agreement in April taking away seller protection against a non-sufficient funds claims. With BidPay, a seller won't get non-sufficient funds claims because BidPay uses your credit card, not a bank account to pay for the item. It's a win-win thing for both buyer and seller. And BidPay is international.

    We haven't used BidPay yet because they don't take American Express and we don't have a Visa, but we'll be getting one shortly.
  4. Thanks for the responses - If the buyer still has protection, then I guess I will need to learn more -

    As long as there is a way for a legit third party to get things straightened out, I can see possibilities ....
  5. Who pays for the BidPay fees? Buyer or Seller? I heard BidPay charges the buyer 3%. Am I right?
  6. Nope, just like Paypal, the seller pays all of the fees. It is free for buyers.