BidOpolis - a web comic about online auctions!

  1. Hi everyone!

    I Just wanted to promote my web comic and I thought this forum would be appropriate:

    A web comic about eBay and treasure hunting (err garage sales,
    thrift shops, junk shops, the attic... you get the idea).

    If you have ideas for a comic strip let me know!

    More at BidOpolis - eBay addiction and treasure hunting
  2. That's funny
  3. Lmao!
  4. lol!
  5. That is great...Love it.. keep em coming:yes:
  6. :lol:
  7. Thanks for the POSITIVE COMMENTS guys!
    Happy Halloween everybody!

    Got any eBay horror stories to share?
  8. That's too cute. I love it:nuts:
  9. them!!
  10. More More More!! Lol
  11. Too funny! :flowers:
  12. Thanks guys! I'm sooo glad you like these :smile: I really enjoy drawing them.
    Here's are some of my favorites:

    More to come!
  13. My favorite line is, "my dad is a lawyer and if I don't get my item tomorrow you are going to jail!" OMG People are sooo overdramatic like that!! LOL

    You draw really well! Do you do this professionally?
  14. Yeah! You'd be surprised how many people said that to me... I think the thing is there are people who think they'll be cheated... so as soon as something goes wrong... "OMG, you're cheating me!!!"
  15. WOW too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!