Bidding vs. BIN

  1. Just always was amazed at the different prices an item sells for. For instance there will be bidding on an item up to $50.00 but same item will be BIN$35.00! Shipping is the same and the feedback looks good but people rather bid then BIN? I noticed this while I had Boots serum up for auction. I started bid at $25, saw people were bidding LOTS, one even sold for $137 but mine ended with no bids. While I relisted it, it sold for $42. This was a good price but compared w/$137. Also, there were plenty of BINs for around $50. I guess people rather bid. I know its a timing thing too. Items sell better ending at night than say afternoon?
  2. I think people get caught up in the bidding. They just forget, want to win so badly that they'll forget they can do a bin cheaper.

    I do think auctions end higher at night simply because most people are home and have more time to deal with eBay.
  3. I do find that sometimes I will see auction style listings that sell for more than my BIN items but I prefer the ability to have "immediate payment required" so am okay to get a bit lower price for my item.

    I do try to make the BIN price be in line with what other items have sold for whether auction style or BIN so I don't usually lose too much though there is an occasional item that sells for quite a bit more than my BIN item, which is a bit discouraging.

    Myself, I prefer to find BIN items at a good price rather than bid on items.
  4. If I have a choice I will always BIN an item. I don't like the stress of waiting to see if I will be outbid at the the last minute. If there is something that I really want, then I would rather pay a bit higher price for the comfort of knowing that the item will be mine. The only time I bid in an auction is to see if I can get something for a good price (below my reservation price).
  5. For my listings I always do auction- the one time I tried a BIN or best offer all I got were low offers. One of your best friends for selling items in an auction format is the competition- it's unbelievable the disparity between some final ending prices. I actually prefer to win auctions too- I love the rush of my bid going in at the last second, beating everyone and circumventing a nasty biding war.
  6. The only downfall is that too many bidders have sniping programs now and I've been losing every bidding war for weeks. So if there's a buy it now on an item I want and its reasonable in comparison to others listed, I just buy it.
  7. ^^Fight snipers with snipers! That's what I do! :graucho: