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  1. Hi all!

    I have my eye on something on eBay and am considering sniping. I've been searching through past threads and saw a few people recommended I signed up and scheduled a bid, but didn't get any confirmation email from them or anything. I'm just wondering if those who have used this service have had any luck, if you got any emails from biddingscheduler before they actually placed the bid and generally, how do you deal with not knowing if your bid is actually going to be placed?

    Any other tips you coul provide would be great - I really want this item and want to do my best not to lose it (even though there's no garuantee).

  2. Not sure if you have been using the service, but its free, they email you when someone bids more then you or if you lose the auction. Always works for all my bids, and I have never got any spam from them.
  3. I use and they never send any e-mails to me before (or after) they place a bid for me. I can see my scheduled snipes in my sniper panel on justsnipe, and that's that.

    A confirmation e-mail in and of itself does not guarantee that your bid will be placed. For instance, if you snipe bid's value falls below the current bid at the moment you have scheduled your snipe, the bid won't be placed. Because of this, confirmations are kind of useless.