Bidding on a "2nd item"

  1. Hi, I guess I am naive to eBay ways... If you do a search for an item, like "anthropologie dress" and a bunch of dresses show up is it common that people just post dresses and then include an "anthropologie top" along side the dress? I have been seeing this a lot and think it is sort of misleading. Of course, I placed a bid and am now thinking...what have I actually bid on? Thanks for reading...any advice?
  2. Just me again...I emailed the buyer and asked who made the dress and they responded "a private label." Any suggestions here?
  3. keyword spamming, if they use a brand name but aren't selling eg.
    Designer purse with prada gift...
    If you report to eBay, the listing will be ended by eBay.
  4. Thats right - a lot of people put:

    Designer Bag not Prada etc to get people to look at their listing (especially if they are selling a fake Prada).

    Make sure you ask loads of questions and get more photos if necessary BEFORE bidding. If you are not sure about it, don't bid.

    Thats the safest bet.
  5. Yep keyword spamming and a huge bug bear of mine, I HATE it!!
  6. I emailed the seller and asked for the dress label and they emailed back "Private label." So, I emailed again today that I would like to retract my bid and I got back an automatic email that said the seller was out of town for the weekend and would answer all questions on Tuesday...hmm, and that would be in about four days when the listing ends! Funny, they were available earlier today...
  7. You can retract your own bid
  8. Thank you for your do I retract my own bid? My only concern is that I misread the listing. There is an Anthropologie top listed as the 2nd item...I am always willing to learn my lessons the hard way!
  9. report the item, ebay will remove it, and you won't have to retract anything and have it show up on your profile
  10. Like I said, naive ebayer, I guess I am asking for my options if they say I am bidding on two items-- a mod tunic and an anthropologie camisole...what can I do? I searched for an anthropologie dress and this listing came up. I don't fall under the three reasons for retracting a bid and I'm not sure about reporting the seller as I am the one who misread the listing. If anyone could specifically point me in the right direction I am a little dense here and not getting exactly what I should be doing.
  11. no need to report the item if there IS an Anthropologie top listed w/ it. That's not KWS.
    If you want, retract your bid, it's no big deal.
  12. That's so annoying. Good luck with that!
  13. I think I know that EXACT seller you are talking about.

    It just gets really annoying when you are searching for something from a specific designer and then you find out "oh, Anthropologie tank top..."

  14. Me, yet do I retract a bid if my reasons do not fall under the three ebay provides? Thanks for all your answers so far!
  15. i know that seller! she put " anthropologie top" in every single auction she has!!!:mad:
    i almost bid on one of the dress she sells!
    but as I read the description, the dress isnt anthropologie!

    just retract ur bid, and u'll be ok!
    good luck!