Bidding has ended ?

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  1. Im rather new to eBay biddings and i dont really know how it works.I was watching an item and it hasn't been sold, but the bidding period has ended and it doesn't seem to be available anymore ?
    What does it mean when the bidding ends ?
    Thanx in advance. :rolleyes:
  2. It may have had a BIN (buy it now), or the seller may have ended the auction to sell outside of eBay. They may have just simply changed their mind about selling the item all together.
  3. Not quite sure what you mean? If an auction period ends even if an item is unsold the auction still ends. At that point the seller can relist-but they do not have to.

    If you are getting a message that the item is unavailable it could mean that eBay took the item down for some reason.
  4. Yes, unless seller relist it but if you're really interest, it'll be ok if you msg seller & ask about it :smile: