Bidding for bags on line, why?

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  1. Hi All

    Please excuse my ignorance, I'm not trying to be snobbish or funny.

    Please help me understand why one buys/bids for bags online, like from E-bay. I would understand if the bag is a limited edition or vintage. I have no problems with one prefering to pay less and get a previously owned bag.

    I don't think I could ever trust photos to purchase previously owned articles (bags, cars etc). I would rather see, feel the articles for myself before purchasing. I don't think I could find any satisfaction of shopping this way. The exceptions are CDs, books and I'd still buy brand new.

    Can anyone help me understand? Thanks.

    best regards
  2. I personally don't bid on ebay either, however I can see how people would do it. If the person wants to take a chance and save a substantial amount of money, thats all them. I've heard there are great deals on ebay sometimes, like someone buys a bag, keeps it in the closet and then decides they dont want it after they can't return/exchange. To some people saving hundreds off a $1000+ bag makes it worth not having the shopping experience.
  3. Well, I just bought an Ice Blue Balenciaga City bag on Ebay; I have wanted that color since Bal released it and now none of the retailers have it (it was pre-fall). When I saw one on Ebay in Mint condition I knew I had to have it. I would not have found it anywhere else.

    I am selling my LV Monogram Mat Shelton on Ebay right now - LV has stopped making bags in the Monogram Mat; so, it could be valualbe to somebody since they cannot get it in the stores.

    Another reason someone might shop Ebay - say you live in an area where there are no Luxury boutiques or high-end malls; how else could you see Chloe, Balenciaga, Steve McQueen, etc. A lot of people do not have access to high-end stores, Ebay allows them to see the goods and then buy - Could you call Barneys and buy a bag over the phone. Sure you could, but, a lot of people trust Ebay and prefer the online process.
  4. because you can get some great deals on ebay !!! or/and you dont live near an lv store
  5. But there are sooooo many fakes out there, so many more than authentic items! Juest very scary to me.
  6. I don't mind that it sometimes takes some time to find a good deal, there are some awesome deals to be had online.. and a few hundred dollars is a huge deal for someone who probably shouldn't be buying such expensive bags :shame:
  7. Loganz - did you by any chance mean Alexander McQueen?

  8. LMFAO - OMG - yes, that is who I meant....Steve McQueen - yikes, I really should drink my coffee BEFORE posting to the threads, not while posting. :biggrin: :P :biggrin:

    Thank you for the correction, I am so embaressed. :shame:
  9. Because I saved about $300 off retail on my speedy (perfect condition) and $200 off retail on the multicolore pochette.

    You just have to do a little research and use a little common sense and you can get great deals on eBay.
  10. I have a list of super trusted ebay sellers whose listings I check regularly. I've been able to get past season's or sold out items on ebay as well, and only been disappointed with the condition of the item (a Gucci horsebit suede hobo with large oil stains) once. Otherwise, every item has met or exceeded my expectations.
  11. I look on eBay to see if I can get a decent deal, or to find bags that are hard to find. My best deals have been a vintage LV Speedy 25 for $250, and a Balenciaga first bag in a color that isn't made anymore for $670 + shipping. I do my research first, such as posting the link here for everyone's opinions on authenticity, or asking the ladies at the Shoes, Purses & Fashion Accessories board on eBay. I look for the telltale signs of a scam before bidding, and try not to just bid on impulse. I usually watch the auction and think about it for a while before placing my bid.
  12. Why not?:biggrin:
  13. Hi all

    Thanks for sharing. I've heard so much about ebay and finally went on line to check it out. What confused me was that sometimes the prices make me wonder if they are fakes. I've seen and felt super fakes and believe me, it's hard to tell unless you have a warranty card and serial number. Apparently, there is a difference between the China Fakes and Korean fakes. I can't knowingly buy or use a fake designer bag, I'd feel so uncomfortable.

    Of course I do believe that some are genuine sellers who regret their impulsive purchases. But it's hard to tell from just photos posted and I guess I'd have to really take the time to do a lot of research to make a bid/purchase.

    Bidding for the limited editions and out of production bags makes a lot of sense to me though. If one can get a genuine bag and save hundreds of dollars, of course; why not? Who doesn't like a bargain? It's the being made a fool that I'd find it hard to take or the trouble and time needed to deal with unsatisfactory purchases. But if the bag arrived as stated, if it is in a good condition it would be just like I've owned for sometime.

    I must say that perhaps I have taken things for granted and overlooked proximity! We have quite a number of Designer Vintage Stores that sell previously own bags, clothes and shoes and I've heard that one can get a really good condition bag at a great price. Some trend followers just buy and sell their out of season bags, and they are practically brand new, they just get cash back after they have used it for 3-6 months and buy the latest. I would really prefer to actually check out the bags personally.

    Where I live, in Singapore, it takes 45 minutes by car to go from one end to the other end. For eg. We have 3 LV stores and they are like 15-20 mintues apart by car! Fendi, Gucci, Ferragamo, Dior, etc. all high end boutiques are very close in proximity because our country is small!

    It seems that most of you have had good satisfactory bidding/purchases on ebay, I'll take a more serious look at ebay but only for limited editions or vintage bags!

    Thanks again for sharing. Any more tips and comments are welcome!

    best regards
  14. I used to be terrified of ebay because of all those fake bags being sold for retail price, but I wanted this bordeaux B-bag for awhile and was kicking myself for it when it was sold out in stores. Finally, after some hunting on ebay I found a seller that was selling the bag of my dream and after confirming its autheticity with the nice girls on this forum and on TFS, I finally bought it! Although the wait for the package to arrive got me all worked up for days, in the end it was all worth it when I opened the bag. I feel lucky to actually lucked out on this transaction. So there are legit sellers out there, you just have to do your research and only buy from sellers you trust. Educate yourself before you bid.
  15. If I knew enough about bags, I think that I'd definitly go for bidding on-line. You can save quite a bit off of retail price, and get a really nice bag. I don't think that because you can't afford a designer bag, you shouldn't be buying one--- you don't need to be affluent to appreciate superior quality and design. Buying a gently used Louis Vuitton, or other brand, on eBay is a nice alternative to purchasing a brand new fake. Personally, I'm saving up and buying myself a nice bag- because I think for my first truly high-end bag I want a brand new one... but in the future I would definitly go for picking up more on-line. :smile:

    just my two cents.