Bidding a fake item?

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  1. What can I do when I bid on a fake item? If I dont agree to pay, then the seller have the right to report me to ebay authority. Is this right? Thanks.
  2. you need to cancel your bid if the auction is still live.
  3. I'll be honest and say that this happened to me. I was bidding on an LV bag and my fault, didn't look extra, extra close until the auction ended and I had won. I refuse to pay for a fake bag and I knew the seller may report me but I had a defense. Given, I should have looked more closely prior to the auction ending but I made the mistake of not doing that.

    To make a long story short(er) :P I wrote the seller emails letting her know that I now knew the bag was fake and that I would pay her listing cost but could not in good conscience buy a fake bag. She threatened to report me to ebay and I told her that if she decided to do that, I had no choice but to point out to ebay admins that the bag was fake, which I did and they removed the listing and emailed me that I didn't have to pay.

    We get fooled sometimes but its worth it to say no and report to ebay and not to end up with a fake bag. :yes:
  4. Thanks. Do you guys know any honest sellers that we can trust on ebay. I would love to have a Gucci or Marc Jacobs tote.