Bidders with 0 feedback

  1. Ladies,

    How do you feel about bidders with ZERO feedback? I am selling several bags and one of them has two bidders.

    Well, I should be happy that the price is going up, but I am little worried that both bidders have no feedback.

    Bidder 1: just joined yesterday
    Bidder 2: joined since 2005 but no feedback

    I want to give people a chance to build their credit but I am also afraid that they are not serious... Has anyone had good/bad experience in a similar situation?
  2. i haven't and i personally don't allow bidder who have les than 10...we all started out as newbies but i rather not risk it
  3. Honestly, I've had a lot of good transactions with 0 feedback bidders, however, I'm dealing with TWO non-paying bidders right now. One is 0 feedback because they have had a variety of positive fb's and negative fb's and the other has 50 some comments with 8 negatives that just occured recently (after my auction ended).
    I would personally give them a chance, nothing seems weird so far, but hopefully you require them to pay with paypal so you can be covered somewhat that way, as opposed to a check or m/o.

  4. Yeah, I only accept PayPal. If the transaction goes through without any problem, I will keep giving newbies a chance. However, after one bad experience, I am going to change my policy to limit people with less than certain number of feedbacks like SOLIDGOLD2 does. I am crossing my fingers
  5. Hi
    I usually have them contact me prior to their bidding. If they are serious they will take this step. Once contacted I ask where they are from and how they are planning to pay. I also let them know my policy prior to bidding.
    For newbies they must pay within 24hours at end of auction unless we have buyer and I have agreed on the date of payment.
    Definitely NO PAYPAL accepted without the confirmed address is a must!
  6. This is good to know! I have never bought anything on eBay, but regularly log on to see what's out there. I have been tempted, but hesitate thinking the seller may think I'm a freak because I have 0 feedback.
  7. I personally feel a little worry about bidders with 0 feedback but I do not cancel their bids or block their ID's, we all started from scratch, KWIM? I makes me worry eBay will think you opened a new account just to bid on your own item.
  8. Yeah I know what you mean. I put a thing in my auction about "bidders with less than 10 positive feedbacks must contact me before bidding" but they generally don't. Oddly enough, I haven't had as many problems with the zero feedback buyers as I have with those who have over 10 fb's.
    I have one auction that ended 5 days ago, buyer has 720 fb's (2 negatives) and they still haven't contacted or paid me. :shrugs:
  9. I've always allowed newbies to bid on my items, but then again I've never had any problems with non paying bidders.

    We all start somewhere, and imho it's better to give them the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.
  10. MY best (highest) sales have gone to zero feedback bidders. One even paid by money order!!!! :yahoo: Gotta love no Paypal fees on a 1K plus sale!

    I recently had a zero feddback buyer do BIN, paid on the spot, got her bag and left positive feedback right away. The one who paid by MO had just joined eBay and has not purchased or bid on anything else in almost a year. The BIN one recently has been a member for a long time:shrugs:. No pattern here other than good luck I guess. They may drop out of the bidder when the price oges higher, ya never know, don't sweat it.

    You can check via advance search, items by bidder what the bidder is bidding on. If they are bidding on 3 of the same bag, could be a problem, could not. If they have only bid on your item, they must really want that particular bag.

    Good luck
  11. Not to mention, not everyone with less than 10 FB is a newbie.

    I have less than 10 on my buying ID, and people who "require" more than 10 are going to miss out on my business and lose me as a customer forever, even after I have 10. I have been far too inconvenienced by these people who have at one time had less than 10 themselves, to ever consider bidding on an item that has this so-called "requirement". I am sick of having to jump through hoops to prove that I am "worthy" to bid on someone's item. Either my money is good enough or it isn't.

    Here are the buyer requirements ebay allows you to set:

    • Are registered in countries to which you don't ship
    • Have a negative feedback score
    • Have received Unpaid Item strikes
    • Are currently winning or have bought '1-100' of your items in the last 10 days
    • Do not have a PayPal account
    (I put the word "require" in quotes because there is actually no way to block people with less than 10, and if someone who has less than 10 buys from you and pays, you are a NPS if you don't ship their item.)

    There is also the fact that these buyers with under 10 feedback are reliant on their sellers to leave feedback for them. I have actually made more than 10 purchases with my buying ID, but, feedback has not been left for me on every purchase. Even by some of the sellers who have made me jump through hoops for being under 10, and even though I have paid promptly and left feedback for them.

    Anyway, that's my opinion.
  12. uugh i spoke to soon a auction just ended and this ebay with just 1 fd won they bid in the last 10 seconds...didn't have time to cancel it. I am not a happy camper right now. I state no one w/ less than 10 can they bother to read or just do what they want

    i wish there was a option to block ebayers with less than a certin amount of fd's.
  13. I guess there really isn't a pattern. Some people have great experience with new eBayers, some had bad experience.

    Thinking about my first purchase... it was a computer! That was around 1999, and I am surprised that the seller didn't say anything. I paid for it right away and got a positive feedback. But I didn't know what feedbacks were back then and didn't leave him any... I know better now.

    SOLIDGOLD2, I hope the winner pays for the item quickly. I guess if you really don't to sell to this person, you can write to her about your policy and give the other bidder a second chance offer? Will eBay let you do that?

    Feedback scores restriction is a personal preference of the seller and I think eBay should implement this option, especially for expensive items...
  14. I know what you mean.
    I recently sold 5 items (purses and shoes) and got 1 feedback back, which just said "great." I had left a positive feedback to everyone. Since I am trying to build my credit as a seller, I sent a message to every buyer to leave me a feedback. Most of them did and they were very nice about it.

    By the way, I didn't know about all the requirements you could set. It's really good to know. I am thinking about using "Do not have a PayPal account" option. Thanks!
  15. My answer may be not too fair but I personally won't do it esp. I've nightmare experiences with 0 bidders :yucky: