Bidder with negative feedback score--what to do?

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  1. Hi, I'm a newbie seller on ebay with my first designer bag listing. Everything's going pretty smoothly, but I just saw that with a little less than two days left, my high bidder has a feedback score of -1 (and the fb says this person doesn't respond to e-mails or pay!)! I stupidly forgot to put in my auction that I don't accept bids from neg. fb bidders--so what should I do? Contact the bidder (but then what should I say?)? Cancel the bid? Or just weather it out and hope that someone will outbid them? Let me add that I have zero selling feedback (and very little buying fb, for that matter), so I feel a little bad about cancelling her bid without first contacting her...

    (thanks in advance!)
  2. You may only have little feedback but I bet its not negative. I would cancel her bid and block her. You don't want the hassle of her not paying and having to relist etc. You could always send her an email explaining why but by the sound of it she probably wont respond anyway!
  3. ^^ i agree with rachela, you can also set buyer blocks to reject negative feedback bidders automatically....
  4. Thanks for the quick replies.. this is the best subforum to catch people up late at night. :smile:
    Bebe123, I just did that on my seller preference page, thanks for the tip (see how new I am??!?!).
    I think I'm going to cancel her bid & block, and send her a message telling her why. If she thinks this is grossly unfair she's always free to message me back, I guess. Thanks for the advice, and I'm glad to know that I'm not being rude or anything by doing this!