Bidder with 0 feedback in spite of request - what to do?

  1. I've nervously started making my first forays into selling high-end bags on eBay. In my listings I requested that people not bid if they had significant negative feedback or fewer than 10 positive feedback ratings unless they contacted me first. Lo and behold, I was excited to get 2 bids on one of my bags after less than 24 hours, but then I saw that both bids were from the same person, who has 0 feedback and no record at all, either positive or negative, even though they have been a registered eBay user since 2005. It could be a completely legit bid from a bona fide buyer, but I'm nervous because the person didn't bother to read the terms and I'd rather not have to deal with a potential problem/inexperienced bidder when it's such an expensive item. Should I contact this person and if so, what should I say? Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. i just had that happen in one of my eBay auctions - i emailed the bidder and reminded him of the rules i clearly state in my auctions as my terms for 0 feedback bidders differ for those with good feedback (0 f/b have to pay immediately as opposed to the 3 days for good f/b). he agreed to the terms which is why i've left his bid up. for negative feedback bidders i cancel their bids outright and block them from bidding on my auctions. it's harsh but i have 100% feedback and i don't want it ruined especially from spiteful negative feedback bidder. did that make sense? :smile:
  3. IMO, I would contact the buyer and let them know that you need to hear back from them within 24 hours or their bid will be cancelled. And I'm not a biatch for saying that either - there are more sellers than fingers on my hands and toes on my feet that make that part of their general direction. Personally, I don't even deal with auctions anymore. I just do BINs with immediate payment required because of too many hackers and freakos out there messing with the listings. No more for me. I may come across as a wench, but it's made my life a lot easier with less worry. You want it? Then they have to buy it right then and there. I've had some pretty scary experiences on eBay, but there's always the first time for some poor person - someone's got to give them a break! Just see what happens - if they don't respond back within your timeframe, then cancel the bid. You'll have done nothing wrong. You had it detailed out in the listing.
  4. Its accounts like this also, that hackers use to scam people. Stolen accounts. Be careful.
  5. I always ask the bidders with 5 or less feedback to contact me first. If they don't, then I'll cancel their bid.
  6. I wouldn't worry too much. The bids were within the first 24 hours. I'm sure you'll have more bidders that will outbid them. I'd just wait it out. This happens to me quite often and usually it's inexperienced bidders just getting their feet wet. I do advise you keeping an eye on the auctions though, just in case you have more zero feedback bidders. I've found that my non paying bidders are always the ones with zero feedback.