Bidder wants me to cancel their bid!?

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  1. It is always something! I have a pair of brand new Uggs up for auction and someone (less than 10 feedback) places a bid two days ago. Today I get an email from the bidder saying...can you cancel my bid? I no longer need these. I am thinking I am under no obligation to cancel. She is the only bidder so far with a couple of watchers. She obviously purchased them somewhere else. I am really getting sick of these novice bidders and all their crap. I have a good mind to let the auction run its course and if she wins and does not pay give her a big fat negative. Any thoughts anyone?
  2. I've had it happen and have always canceled the bid just to avoid waiting the 14 days before I can relist them when they are a NPB. It sucks but I would cancel the bid anyway and then put the bidder on your blocked list.
  3. Yep it sucks! However unless you want to go through the whole NPB process then I would just cancel. Plus if she respinds to the dispute she can leave you a negative as well. Sometimes it just easier to let them out.
  4. That's what I would do as well. Who needs the headache of a problematic transaction?
  5. Yeah, just cancel it, she would probably be more trouble than she's worth. Someone else will want them!
  6. rather than canceling her bid tell her to retract her bid that way other sellers know she is prone to do that and will know how many she has done within the year (Bid retractions )
  7. That sounds perfect...I think I knew the answer before posting but I am just so annoyed. I will ask her to retract and not cancel. Thanks everyone.
  8. Cancel and block! Sorry you're having to deal with this crap.
  9. yes I would tell her to retract it. She may as well learn how to do it..sounds like she will need to know how. I guess its better that she wants out, rather than to be a NPB...
  10. I told her I would not cancel and she retracted right away without explanation...good riddance and yes, I blocked her. My second problem in two weeks after a really good run. I just had to neg. someone and ebay gave them a non-paying bidder strike. I hope this is not the start of something.
  11. Dont worry, something good should follow those two...
  12. I'd just cancel it...even if she does win, she most likely isn't going to pay. It's better to save yourself the trouble of filing a NPB dispute now IMO.
  13. Tell her to retract... if she does not retract within a certain time frame, then cancel her bid and BLOCK HER regardless of how her bid is removed.

    Sorry you have to deal with that. It's sooooooo not fair.
  14. Tell her to retract and block her.
  15. I'm stubborn I would just say no and then when she retracts I would report her. I had a guy, years ago, bid on 3 of my items and then a few days later he retracted all 3 bids. I reported him and since he had done it before he was kicked off or suspended or something.