Bidder is asking for extra time to pay...what should I do?

Dec 28, 2009
I listed an item for auction and someone put in the minimum bid right when it started. She won it in the end last night.

My ad states that payment must be received at auction end -- and I say if it is not received within 24 hrs the item will automatically be relisted.
I have never had to act on this until now. Buyer won last night and never paid. I sent an invoice last night and another one today. Still no payment. I had to send her another email telling her I required payment within 24 hrs.

She wrote me back asking if she could pay for it on Wednesday. :nuts:
I am mad -- don't know if I can trust her -- don't know if I should cancel it and relist?
It could work out fine? But WHY BID IF YOU CANNOT PAY!!! Please help me out....? Thanks!!
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Jul 16, 2009
As a seller I try to give the buyer the benefit of the doubt. If it's a few days late, I'll give them time. A week? No- unless on bonz.
I usually check feedback to see if the buyer is a scammer though. I had a terrible time with one buyer who haggled back and forth and I gave her a great deal on a bag and wallet (getting the wallet practically free) and then she complained about the wallet!
Anyway, most people are honest. It's the few out there that ruin it for everyone.


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Mar 8, 2008
ita with LVLove....give the buyer a few more days...most people want to buy the item and are not out to scam...maybe that is her payday and she didn't read your terms...has happened to me a million times!
Apr 15, 2009
Buyers are pretty scarce right now -- I'd definitely give her the time she asked for. I have had 2 buyers recently who took a looooooong time to pay, but they paid. That's what I want -- the money. Even if it takes longer than I like, it is much better than relisting, waiting for the auction end, waiting for the next payment, y'know?


Jan 20, 2010
Your payment terms are way too harsh. You can demand payment within 24 hours but you have to wait 4 days before you can file a non-paying bidder report so what's the point? If you want instant payment, stick to BINs with immediate payment required or lighten up a bit.

As for your buyer, I see no harm in waiting til Wednesday. If she doesn't pay then, report her as a non-paying bidder and relist. Good luck!


Oct 5, 2009
OP- just FYI, Ebay doesn't allow you to file NPB until day 4. In order to cancel the transaction before then, you have to send the buyer a consent form that they'll have to agree to. They can neg you as "non-performing seller" if they pay within the 4 days (or even within the 4 days following while your NPB case closes) and you don't complete the sale... doesn't matter whether you have it in your written terms or not.

Like the others have said, I'd definitely lighten up on the payment terms. Ebay used to require a week before an NPB case could be filed. And also like others have said, maybe she's stuck waiting for Payday (or for her own sales to complete!)


Mar 29, 2006
OP, your terms actually aren't valid: eBay rules ***** them. If eBay gives a buyer 4 days, then that is the reality, except in the case of BIN with immediate payment.

I agree that working with a buyer is better than not, if your sense is that she's going to come through.
Aug 14, 2009
I'd give her until Weds. You can't file a NPB until the 4th day so might as well give her 5. But if she doesn't pay by then I would definitely file the NPB and not let her convince you not to with any sob stories etc. Chances are, though, that she will pay and everything will work out fine.


Sep 27, 2008
Give her until Wednesday. I definitely understand your frustration because right now I have a buyer who keeps pushing back her pay date, but ultimately waiting a few days is less of a hassle than re-listing. There's no guarantee it'll sell a second time, or that you won't have the same problem.