bidder ignores your auction rule...

  1. Hi, guys!
    My two auction just ended and one of the winner is a zero feedback newbie. I had stated on my auction that no bidder with less than 10 feedback but she ignored it and won.
    Do I have the right to cancel the bid and go straight to second offer? :confused1:

    Aghhh, why do people just ignore the rules...:cursing:
  2. I think you should just let it go and see if they pay, you never know!

    I try and discourage low feedback folks from bidding on my items without contact first, but there is no way to stop them from sniping it at the last minute!
  3. I would feel better if the bidder contacted me right away....:crybaby:
    My other auction was won by yet, another rule ignorer but she emailed me immediately to let me know when she's going to pay.

    I wish there were way to customize your auction more so u can block zero feedback bidder.
  4. We all started from 0 feedback, didn't us? :smile: don't heartless, just see first, we won't know if she actually serious buyer but new on eBay.

    Next time, use selling preference to block bidders under 10 feedbacks, good luck :smile:
  5. If you're clearly listed no zero feedback bidder, you have the right to relist your item. You can actually set up this setting with eBay when you list your item, I think. I agree that we're all new at some point but if you know you're new, don't you want to set up a good first impression by following the auction rules?

    Well, email them the invoice and mention they're not supposed to bid your item cause you've mentioned no zero feedback bidder is allowed but you will give them the benefit of the doubt but if they don't pay it on time, you will have to report them to eBay. No excuse.

    See if this bidder pays. If they don't, immediately take action to ebay.
  6. Maybe I am just panicking. :sad: Oh, well, I should be nice. :yes:
  7. I would prefer all my winning bidders had a history, but alas, I don't know of a way of canceling bids after the auction closes. I've had at least a few newbies, and they all paid. If you don't close the deal, they can neg you, so you might as well give them a chance.

    In your invoice, make your payment terms short & concise. Good luck!
  8. I have been in this situation too, and sometimes they work out, sometimes they don't. I would send the winner the invoice, and then send them a separate personal email. Welcome them to eBay, congratulate them for winning, and then ask them if they have any questions about paying. Usually this will bring on a positive response.

    As much as I prefer not to sell to zero feedback buyers too, we all had zero feedback once!
  9. Agree with Rosenpetals :smile:

    Ask to clear payment within 48 hours or your payment terms, good luck, hope it will be smooth transaction :flowers:
  10. Thank you all for your great advice! :idea:
    I did decide to give buyer a chance. I was a zero feedbacker once, I know.
    Hopefully she will pay and be the owner of a wonderful bag. ;)
  11. Best wishes for you :flowers:
  12. Thank you LVGodiva:tender:
  13. So gummybear how'd it go has she paid or least responded?
  14. Auction ended earlier this afternoon and no, she hasn't responded as of now. I'll give her till Tuesday and then I will have to relist I guess. :confused1:

    I will keep you guys informed.
  15. There must be a way to do this. I wanted to BIN a bag from USA, but it said "All International buyers must email first to be added to approved list first". I did that, but got impatient as she took ages to respond. When I clicked BIN, it took me to a page restating the sellers rules and wouldn't let me proceed.