Bidder ID's and items kept private on sellers feedback

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  1. I'm just wondering why a seller with 100% feedback would do this? They don't sell products that are, "adult" in nature or that can be construed as offensive to others. So what are some reasons that this might be done?
  2. to protect the bidders from getting fake 'second chance offers' and other scams is one big reason

    ebay makes auctions private automatically when they get above $250 (I think that is the price)
  3. This seller's item's are not ending anywhere near half that amount.
  4. Sometimes the sellers decide to make the bidders ID's private so that other sellers can't email them and tell them that they have the same thing cheaper and sending them the link. On the feedback, this item was automatically be private if the bidders list is private.

    Sometimes, sellers just think more people will bid if they think that other people will not see that they are bidding.

    Its never something I have done, but I can see some benefits.
  5. Thanks Vicky and Court for your replies.

    When I go into this seller's feedback it is as you said just the date of sale and feedback no mention of item beneath feedback no way to link to view item. It's like that for all of this seller's items. Private. Private. Private. I think that as a buyer I would be hesitant about seeing pages and pages of that in feedback. As a seller are you allowed say in your listing that reserve the right to cancel bids from bidders who's fb is private?
  6. to say in your listing that you.

    sorry about the typos.
  7. You can always go to
    You can check out what someone has been buying and selling within the past month, even if their feedback is private.
  8. You can not sell with private feedback but you can make auctions private. All my listings, regardless of what they are, are private because I had terrible problems with other sellers contacting my bidders
  9. And I as a buyer prefer private listings.

    The spam stops, privacy issues, etc.
  10. Especially as eBay have now made it all so transparent with feedback. Around Christmas I get alot of buyers saying they are glad my listings are private as no one can see what they've bought
  11. Thanks again for your replies ladies.

    This sellers lists houseware items. I wonder if he/she contacts other sellers bidders and that's why all of things say private bidder and you can't click on the item. I forget what the saying is, a liar always thinks someone else is .... A thief always think someone is stealing. Just a thought that's all. The thought of contacting another bidder never occurred to me.
  12. Oh and I don't know if it's the same thing, but the auctions, I don't think are private because anyone can bid. He/She keeps the identities of all bidders and subsequent winners private.
  13. I also prefer the privacy as a buyer. i once found that a woman was outbidding me on something, so i looked at her previous purchases and she had bought clothes..i could see clearly what size she was, etc, and i thought it was really invasive, and wouldnt want someone doing that to me.
  14. Do you ladies know if you are allowed to say in your listing that you reserve the right to cancel bids from those with private in their fb?
  15. I remember seeing listings said they reserved the rights to cancel bids from private feedbacks. I don't think this is against eBay rules.