Bidder has bid the same price 3x in a row....!

  1. I am so glad that this subforum is here. I just posted my first-ever item for auction (Balenciaga City) and am puzzled by something. The auction started this morning, and over the span of 3 hours, there are THREE bids but ALL are from the same bidder....for the same exact amount! (the starting bid price) Why would someone bid 3 times with the same price? Is there some kind of underhanded reason for this? Or is she just a confused eBayer? She has only 9 feedbacks so maybe she's just inexperienced.

    Is this odd or what? :confused1:
  2. Since its the same bidder it looks as though she's just raising her maximum bid.
  3. What's happened is they've increased their maximum bid twice. You won't see their maximum bid. You will just see the current bid...that is, until someone else places a bid. Then the current bidder's bid will raise.
  4. The bidder is increasing their maximum bid but current bid price stays the same until a new bidder bids. Also, if you have a reserve on it, the bidder may be increasing their bid to reach the reserve.
  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Man, you guys are good! OK, I feel dumb now. Thanks so much for clarifying for me! This is actually good news for me, huh? Yay!
  6. Well, it's definitely good news as long as someone else comes along and bids it up!
  7. Sounds like someone is really interested in the bag and doesn't want to be outbid. It's a good sign!
  8. Definitely a good sign! Inexperienced bidders often to that, and while it's not a good thing for them, it's GREAT for you! congrats on what promises to be a profitable sale!:graucho:
  9. Turns out that poor bidder who submitted 3 bids, was outdone by a buyer who BIN'ed and paid immediately. I feel kinda sorry for her! AND I'm kicking myself for not setting a higher BIN price! Grrrr! I honestly hadn't expected THAT much interest in the bag (20 watchers and 3 bids after being listed only 4 hours).

    Oh well. All's well that ends well. :smile:
  10. Excellent!!! Don't second-guess yourself. I've felt that way too, when I've had a quick sale. Better that, than having to re-list and worry. AND you got immediate payment!
  11. Very true, Bbagbubba! I guess next time, I'll get to know my market a little better, i.e. observe how other similar auctions do, how they're priced, etc. I think I had underestimated the interest that there would be in this bag. Or...conversely, maybe the interest was there *because* I had priced it so low! Who knows! Either way, I'm amazed that this transaction went off without a hitch. With all the eBay nightmares out there, I wasn't holding out much hope!