Bidder asking to cancel bid - need advice

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  1. Hi Guys, need some advice here.

    I don't sell on ebay often and this is my first time selling a high-end item. I received my first bid on the item at 1.50am and then around 11pm I got a message from the buyer saying she 'didn't mean to place the bid' and how she's 'new to ebay' and she probably 'isn't used to it'.

    Now I looked at her history and she joined in October 2013 and has made 6 purchases (most of them this month) and sold one item, so she clearly must know how to use ebay.

    Should I cancel her bid? My auction ends on Feb 4th and I have stated that I don't accept returns.

    Really confused as to what I should do. If I refuse to cancel it, I'm worried she won't pay, but it's so frustrating as she is clearly lying.
  2. I wouldn't cancel, hopefully someone else bids higher there her bid otherwise I would give her a strike.

  3. Save yourself the headache of a non paying bidder and just cancel now.

    If you go through with it and no one else bids she may not pay at all and the fastest you can complete a non paying bidder case is 6 days, from start to finish.

    Or she may pay and then once she receives the item she may open a case.

    Her reasoning is lame and it's annoying when people don't follow through on there commitment to buy but save yourself the aggravation that can ensue and just cancel her bid now.

    Or tell her to retract her bid. I think since there is enough time that she can retract her bid. I'd actually prefer some retract because I think ebay tracks that.
  4. ^^^^ This!!

    If she retracts, it's noted on her account and if it happens often enough, she can be suspended.

    When a bid is placed, there are several popup warnings asking if the buyer wants to bid and reminding the buyer that her bid is a binding contract. So a retraction is a ding. OTOH, a canceled bid by the seller has no consequence to the buyer.

    Send the buyer this link and tell her that if she doesn't want to continue with the listing, she'll need to retract the bid:
  5. Another vote for making her retract the bid
  6. Let your buyer retract the bid... she made the error.. let her correct it & have
    it on her record
  7. Thanks for the advice guys, I made her retract the bid. Really annoyed as it was my only bid and I didn't realise you had to deal wit such issues on ebay. After reading the horror stories on here I am officially put off with ebay!
  8. I recently had someone ask me to cancel their bid due to it being a mistake. When I asked how, they told me they thought the starting bid was .99 and not 9.99. I told them to retract their bid, they responded by again asking me to cancel the bid. It ended up being a moot point because the item got another bid. It's so frustrating though, you still have to type in the price you're bidding when you place it so their excuse was total BS!
  9. yup retracting the bid was best
    its a shame buyers don't commit to the their bids otherwise what's the point in the first place
  10. yup retracting the bid was best
    its a shame buyers don't commit to the their bids otherwise what's the point in the first place
  11. I would retract it because if she happens to win and if they're a psycho they'll find ways to 'get you back' i.e. say they didn't get it and then you'll have wasted your time and shipping costs.